Pepperoni Madness - Italian Pizza Puzzle (Free)

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Enjoy Pepperoni Madness - the brand new Italian Pizza Puzzle game and become the best pizza maker in the world!

Be honest: have you ever dreamt of a world where you have an unlimited supply of pepperoni, margherita, or any other pizza? Well, that time has come - you can now try to tackle a never-ending supply of pizza in this exciting new puzzle and logic game! This is a fun, logic puzzle game which gives your brain a good workout.

Combine the matching slices and connect the puzzles together to make complete pizzas and earn points!

Pepperoni Madness - Italian Pizza Puzzle is a great, minimalist and logic game that will have you glued to your smartphone! It's surprisingly challenging!

How to play?
1. Align three slices of puzzle pizza (colours) in a line. The slices must connect vertically, horizontally or diagonally in order for you to earn points and clear them off the game board!
2. If the colour of all slices of a full puzzle pizza match, you get bonus points for a complete pizza!
3. Try to gain as many points as you can - earn them by clearing pizza slices off the board!

Check out these amazing boosters you can use!
- Hungry Kid - use it to eat an unused pizza puzzle piece, and gain a random new one!
- Pizza Box - drag the box anywhere you want and instantly pack a pizza to takeaway, and gain points! You'll free up an entire puzzle slot. No more wasting those precious points!
- Pizzanado - mix up all the pizza slices for even more fun and opportunities!

- Tasty way to play: just click and let's start having fun!
- Intuitive, easy-to-use interface.
- Easy finger tap gameplay
- Different puzzle pizza types
- Addictive and simple pizza puzzle game
- Boggle your brain with this brain teaser
- Train your puzzle solving skills and your logic skills!
- Unlimited amounts of fun: never-ending game mode!
- Screenshots of your high scores can be saved in your photo gallery so you can show them to your friends!
- Kid-friendly content (no violence or horror content) for both boys and girls of all ages
- Cute and simple fun suitable for the whole family.
- Lots of tasty pepperoni, margherita, and other pizzas for you to earn points with in this mouth-watering brain teaser puzzle logic game!

Match slices of pizza and beat your highscore!

Come on and play this new, free puzzle and logic game and become the absolute master of logic! This delicious, pizza-based logic game is fantastic for growing your brain, improving your logical thinking and training your brain for real life problems. This free brainteaser game is the perfect way to learn logical thinking. Pepperoni Madness is an easy puzzle and logic game! Expand your memory, brain and logical thinking skills with this great puzzle and logic game – Pepperoni Madness – a truly Italian puzzle game! This puzzle game is intended for kids and adults of all ages. You can play by yourself or challenge your buddies to compare your skills and moves!

Fun fact!
- Prince Harry and Kate Middleton love's pizzas, puzzle and logic games!

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