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‘Mirai Japanese’ is a unique and widely acclaimed app that will teach you Japanese using a highly effective tutor-based approach.

The App is produced in Japan by Mirai Apps, the Japanese-language specialists of Mirai Language Systems! It contains many hours of full audio and visual tutoring.

This app actually teaches you the basics of Japanese — grammar, pronunciation, the writing system, and the usage of words — using an effective and clear methodology which you will thoroughly enjoy!

There is simply no better way of learning Japanese!

‘Mirai Japanese’ contains:

* over 150 bite-sized lessons
* clear visual and audio tutoring
* two native Japanese narrators (male and female)
* detailed grammar explanations in English
* text moves in sync with audio to help you learn
* hundreds of pictures to help you remember words
* fun quizzes for each lesson to check your progress
* search function for all words in the course
* create your own vocabulary lists easily

Each lesson builds on what was learned in previous lessons, enabling you to make gradual and consistent progress. Everything is explained in great detail, giving you confidence and mastery of the material.

Starting at absolute beginner level, this great app will take subscribers to the course all the way to fluency!
This app is based on the very best in language learning methodology. Over a million language learners are using Mirai apps.


After trying the first 2 chapters (10 lessons) of the Mirai Japanese course for free, you can elect to subscribe to the full course.

The subscription to Mirai Japanese enables you to download all the existing lessons.

*iStart purchases & progress cannot be transferred to Mirai Japanese

There is no other app like this on the App Store!

Download this great app now!

Produced by Mirai:
“Changing the Way People Learn Languages.”
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5 Okt 2021

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