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About this app

Participated in the "Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to Energize Japan Project"
Atsushi Tamura of London Boots No. 1 and No. 2 appears in Cheer Career!

No. 1 employment site selected by venture companies and growing companies
No. 1 employment site selected by growth-oriented human resources
* Survey implementation contractor: Voice Note / October 2019 implementation: Site image survey

The official free app of "Cheer Career", a service for connecting venture companies / growth companies with students / job seekers.

We connect growing companies with students and job seekers with the idea of ​​"expanding each person's work options, supporting their careers, and enriching people's lives."

CheerCareer has the function of entering a company by itself, of course.
Register your profile and receive scouts for selection and internships from companies.
When the scout arrives, you will be aware of your new possibilities and broaden your horizons for job hunting.

I want to grow further! I don't want to mismatch! For all job hunting and job hunting activities
It is easier to use while keeping the basic functions.

Features and charm of Cheer Career

CheerCareer is a service that connects venture companies / growth companies with students / job seekers.
There are various functions to minimize mismatching of human resources after joining the company.

Speaking of job hunting, there are many movements where applications are gathered for companies with brand power and companies with name value, so to expand the work options of each person, support their careers, and prevent mismatches
It is a job hunting service that provides a place to meet growing companies.

CheerCareer has a variety of features to meet with business owners and HR.

▼ Features (1) Can be used all year round for all job hunting internship / new graduate / job change / freelance / part-time job

Many employment services limit users by graduation year or new graduate / mid-career, but
CheerCareer covers everything from first-year college internships to job vacancies!

Also, new graduates can enter even before the major media release.
It is a service that makes it easy to make a difference in job hunting from an early stage.

▼ Feature (2) Search for companies with unique detailed conditions

CheerCareer's corporate information is to meet the management and eliminate mismatches
We have prepared our own content and devised a search axis.

Search by the applicable Sengoku warlord type from the result of the top personality diagnosis [President's warlord type search]
You can search by various feature tags.

You can also search by online information session or remote work.

You can search for a company that really suits you not only by business scale, type of business, and occupation, but also by characteristics such as internal culture and personality of the manager.

▼ Feature ③ Corporate manga / video
There is content called corporate manga / video to get to know the company. This is original content that tells the story of each company's growth and founding and the content of their work.

Manga and videos directly convey what kind of concept a company has when starting a business.

In addition, you can know the company on the page of each company by timeline, company message, photo, blog, interview video distribution, SNS cooperation, etc.

Content column
[Video introducing managers and employees] The video conveys the charm that is difficult to convey in sentences!
[Entrepreneurship story] Episode of how the company was started
[President's military commander type] Matching with personality diagnosis test
[Employee profile] You can know the career of the president on the contrary.

I don't think you can find such a variety of passionate content in other job hunting services.

▼ Feature ④ A wide variety of company entry routes

In CheerCareer, besides the usual way to search for companies and bookmark or enter
There is a mechanism to connect with companies.

● Mechanism Part 1 Resume registration / scout function
If you register a profile such as career and appeal points in Cheer Career
You will be able to get scouts from companies.

After registration, just wait and you will receive a scout from the company.
Some companies use the registered profile instead of their resume, so
You can do efficient job hunting without having to fill out a resume one by one.

● Mechanism part 2 Appeal entry function
I think that even among the companies that have entered, the degree of aspiration varies.
Among them, the one that can be used especially for companies that want to appeal to themselves
"Appeal entry function".

Using an appeal entry ticket that can be used only 3 times,
We will proceed to a special entry route that tells companies that they have high aspirations.

Let's use it when it's time to make a difference to your rivals.

《CheerCareer event information》
There are many job hunting services that hold events, but Cheer Career holds a job hunting event specializing in high-quality growth companies called "Passion Festa".

Participating companies are job hunting events in which the president and managers are sure to attend and the participating job hunting students give sales presentations according to the theme. Since the presentation is given to the president, it is possible to immediately hear the evaluation from the president's point of view. Presenting to multiple presidents will give you confidence and experience by knowing what you can do to improve your job hunting, even if it doesn't lead to a job offer.

In addition, such job hunting events provide job hunting students with an opportunity to identify venture companies and find out which company suits them. In addition, since you directly appeal to the managers and personnel of the company, you may be able to get a job offer in the shortest possible time.

In addition to the Passion Festa, we also hold regular events.
Check out the "Events" tab.

Precautions for use

Membership registration to Cheer Career is required to use the functions in the app.

Also, please note that you will need to communicate with the Internet.
Updated on
May 13, 2020

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