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About this game

◆ [Tomodachi] can be done! ?? Adventure RPG ◆
[Tomodachi] adventure battle of love and bond! An RPG that connects with everyone is finally here!
Real-time guild battle of up to 200 people vs 200 people is super fun!
Equipped with a bulletin board function and photo posting function, which are rare for MMOs!
I wonder if I can make 100 people [Tomodachi] by making full use of communication tools! ??
Manga artist "Hiroyuki Takei" main character design! "Mogami Mogami" is appointed as the main character voice actor!
In addition, we will regularly hold projects where you can interact and adventure with popular voice actors and celebrities!

◆ Game introduction ◆
1. [Tomodachi] I wonder if 100 people can do it! [Tomodachi] GET!
Making full use of various communication tools
Become a [Tomodachi] with many users!
If you fight with the well-known [Tomodachi], there is no doubt that you will be trained in 100 battles!

2. You can [marriage] both the opposite sex and the same sex! An era where partners can be found in RPGs! ??
If you deepen your friendship and head to the marriage witness, users can marry both the opposite sex and the same sex!
If you get married, you can have children! ??
As your child grows older, he will participate in the battle as a helper!

3. Full of unique customized contents!
There are plenty of customization elements such as profile avatars, unit avatars, vehicles, otomo (cats), walks, wings, magical flying boats, rooms, and more!
You may be able to customize it to be cool and cute and become popular in the game! ??

4. MMO adopts rare deck formation type turn command battle
Many MMOs use a rare Dragon Quest-like battle method among the action battle methods!
Let's analyze the battle situation and opponents and activate appropriate skills!
Strategy meetings with friends are super fun!

5. If you are traveling, after all [Majin Flying Boat]!
If you go on a trip with [Tomodachi], after all [Majin Flying Boat]!
If you board a cool flying boat, you will feel better!
You can also enjoy battles between [Majin Flying Boats]!
You are the one who controls the heavenly world on the [Majin Flying Boat]!

6. Multiplayer guild battle, multiplayer, solo play, lots of training systems!
There are more than 20 types of battle content, more than 15 types of training systems, and a lot of replay elements.
With a detailed battle schedule and reward design, you won't get bored every day!
Each one is a sign to the strongest!

◆ Story A magnificent story that takes place in the heavenly world [Eden]
The heavenly world "Eden" where heroes and mythical gods live together. Each floating island built a unique civilization there.

A flash of darkness runs through the sky as if to cut through peaceful days!

The fallen angel Lucifer appeared with the seven deadly sins.

"It is said that the [eighth mortal sin] that should have been lost sleeps in this land. Let's use that power as my foundation!"

Repeated murders, chaos covers the world. And the hero whose soul was hijacked became a demon one after another.

Athena, the Creator, was worried about the tragedy, but she couldn't move because she was holding down even more powerful power.
There, he summoned a hero from another world and entrusted him to subdue Lucifer.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ――――
The astonishing truth that will eventually arrive ...

Who will evoke the lost [mortal sin] and gain power!
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ――――
■ Over 120 types of legends and original characters have appeared throughout the universe beyond space-time!
[Trickster, Dreamland Alice, Warrior Red Riding Hood, Witch Lilia, Ametama King, Ametama Princess, Queen of Hearts, General General, Battle Panda, Dracula, Mermaid Princess Ferina, Fuma Kotaro, Creator Athena, Mirror Queen, Spirit King Yugdra, Jack Row, Elizabeth, Evil Goddess, Son Goku, Dark Mage Kumad, Fallen Lucifer, Hell Gatekeeper, Desert Princess Badr, Bone Queen, Desert King Aladdin, Giant Tree Albero, Cow Demon King, Wrathful Demon , Ware Wolf, Steel Lizard, Big Mommy, Dream Bead, Murderer Cain, Monkey Man Bonovo, Undine, Swan Princess, Rapunzel, Sniper Jane, Rose Whip, Grasshopper, Izumo no Oku, War Maid Karin, Feast Miss Bunny, Flame-Blooded Zack, Holy Knight Caesar, Thunder God Thor, Sister Chloe, Mad Pierrot, Masquerade / Zhaoyun, Shinsho Rofu, Heavy Goblin, Pirate Ambury, Lamp Spirit Jin, Lady Mommy, Pirate Roberts, Woman Mrs. Kyonshiru, Steel Iron, Nightingale, War Maiden Naotra, Angel Angeloi, Cat Ninja, Cat Bush, Cat Danny, Cat Festival, Cat Night, Cat Kishi, Cat Gunman, Cat Madou, Cat Police, Nekomanto, Piyo Guri, Piyotama, King Daruma, Gentleman Daruma, Party Daruma, Crispy, Warawara, Piglet Brothers, Goddess of the Leaning Country, Nekochaki, Neko Ghost, Cat Halloween, Nekokannushi, Nekofara King, Masquerade / Kanwa, Masquerade・ Zhang Fei, Ryujin Doji, Tenjo Kite, Nekoshogun, Shinsho Amaterasu, Swordsman Kojirou, Koryu Tinnin, Goddess Aurora, Army God Oda Nobunaga, Goddess Snow White, Army God Wolf King, Goddess Musica, Lion King Garm, Forest Spirit Sylph, Tsutankamen , Witch Sakubas, Cleopatra, Prince of the War God, Medusa, Goddess Ganesha, Goddess White Tiger, Goddess Poseidon, Goddess Susanoo, Goddess Roar, Goddess Kamui, Goddess Enma the Great, Great Spider, Flat Spider, Magmajin, Rock Bite, Baobaom, Stump Ghost, Hula Flower, Bag Eater, Naughty, Knight Skull, Pirate Skull, Heavy Skull, Candy Ball, Salamander, Gigi, Gege, Chess Luke, Chess Knight, etc.]

◇ Tomodachi Quest (Tomoque) is recommended for these people ◇
・ I want to enjoy the myths and fantastic fantasy worlds that transcend time and space, such as phantom beasts, valkyrie, demons and legendary saviors.
・ I want to enjoy a battle party with flashy actions such as smashing
・ I want to play a full-scale RPG game with fun events, campaigns, and gachas.
・ I like the time to strengthen, evolve, awaken, and refine the unit to win the joint battle.
・ I like strategy games and tactics games that make full use of detailed strategies and tactics.
・ I'm interested in epic historical games such as Tenchi wo Kurau Sangokushi, Flame Dance, and Tenkafubu.
・ I like historical simulation games such as Sangokushi Taisen and Shinsengumi.
・ I like upstart stories such as Kingdom and Samurai Warriors
・ The definitive edition of the Sengoku game! Samurai Warriors! Sangokushi Taisen! Weak to words such as
・ I like the story of the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, the story of the rise, and the march of the Three Kingdoms like a lion.
・ I want to become a legendary player in RPG games through cooperative play using the highest rare units.
・ I want to win the crown of the national champion in an incandescent brawl or online battle
・ I like free games in the role-playing, strategy and simulation, and tactics categories.
・ I want to have an interesting battle party with an online free game
・ A self-proclaimed history dreamer who likes Sengoku Nunotake, Nobunaga, desires, ambitions, and romance.

■ Price
App body: Free
* Some paid items are available.
■ Recommended specifications
Android 4.4 ~
RAM 1GB or more

* Please note that we cannot provide support or compensation for devices other than those recommended.
Please be sure to check the terms of use displayed in the "Application License Agreement" before using.
* Although we have confirmed the startup, we do not guarantee that you can play comfortably.
■ Click here for inquiries, opinions and requests
Updated on
Jul 21, 2021

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