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The SANUSCOIN and the Bitcoin,
together with the SANUSWALLET, form a dynamic trio that offers extraordinary benefits:

- it’s simple and safe
- the maximum number of SANUSCOINS you can create is limited (777.777.777)
- Low transaction costs
- Total transparency in the “token accounting”
- Immutability of the transactions, as they are recorded in the Bitcoin Blockchain
- Link to a confirmed Bitcoin market
- Worldwide payment method

SANUSCOIN is a virtual cryptocurrency founded on health, rationality and balance. The coins are not generated by mining, as is the case with Bitcoins. They are the result of the transformation of SANUSCREDITS into tokens based on Bitcoin Blockchain technology. SANUSCREDITS can be collected by carrying out various activities on the SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL platform.

One of SANUSCOIN’s main values is that it is a distributed asset, therefore not centralized. In contrast to this, SANUSCREDIT is completely controlled by SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL in a centralized system.

SANUSCOINS are decentralized and linked to the Bitcoin Blockchain, thus becoming unchangeable and beyond the control of a single body or organization. SANUSCOIN is also an asset that goes beyond SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL and enters the global market, where everyone can exchange it.

The SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL user can easily convert SANUSCREDITS into SANUSCOINS and the general user can receive SANUSCOINS from SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL users or from the global market. All users can manage their SANUSCOINS from an official wallet which fully supports the cryptocurrency from the moment of its creation.
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- small bug fixes
- better android 13 support