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Dr.HERi provides GUI based search engine of implant producers/products so that dental experts can find specific implant models in patients' X-ray images and share it through Posts.
Every feature including below is provided for free of charge.
(Pricing policy could be changed in further and we will notify before making changes)

For dental experts, by dental experts; Share your dental case/practice and advise each other.

• Dental experts can share their knowledge and experience in Dr.HERi.
Share case and academic resource in text, photo and video.
• Make polls to gather others’ opinion.
• For reliable community service, we verify dental specialists to be able to use Dr.HERi’s service freely including writing Posts.
※ Non-experts can also join Dr.HERi and find reliable dental knowledges for free.
• We reward your valuable activities by giving the title “Advisor”.
Please discover what you can do and get by becoming Advisor.

Find exact implant product from X-ray images was struggle but not anymore.
It is easy and helpful with “Implant Master”.

• “Implant Master” in Dr.HERi app helps to find exact implant models among 19,000+ products.
• Choose options of each implant parts that visually match the X-ray image you have.
• We provide rich and detailed information about each implant models.
• Tag the implant’s information on Dr.HERi’s Posts to share case easily and get other experts’ opinions.
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2021. 6. 14.

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