白沙屯媽祖 GPS 即時定位

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※ 2021 辛丑年,白沙屯拱天宮媽祖南下北港朝天宮進香 GPS 系統,我們將會為大家提供給各位信徒最即時、最準確的白沙屯媽祖 GPS 的定位!

※ 若覺得我們的 APP 不錯使用的話,歡迎給予我們 5 顆星星,當作給我們的愛的鼓勵!

※ 我們並非「白沙屯拱天宮」官方組織,故活動資訊皆以「白沙屯拱天宮」官方公告為主,更多資訊亦可以參考「白沙屯拱天宮官方 Facebook 粉絲頁」。

※ 我們的分工有軟體組與攜帶組,軟體組粉絲專頁是「白沙屯媽祖在哪裡?」,也歡迎各位上臉書搜尋「白沙屯媽祖在哪裡?」給我們「按個讚」當作鼓勵喔!

※ GPS 設備則是由我們的攜帶組「人工攜帶裝置」跟隨在媽祖轎旁搜集資訊,路上有看到他們的話,可以給予他們鼓勵與幫助,或者臉書搜尋「白沙屯媽祖北港進香gps」給我們「按個讚」當作鼓勵喔!

※ 我們是一群為白沙屯媽祖服務的「非官方義工團隊」,無論是軟體工程、協帶裝置、人員管理,都是團隊夥伴一起分工合作完成的。

※ 希望每年都可以提供一個「快速」、「方便」、「好操作」的平台,可以讓信徒們或相關單位使用,使得活動可以順利圓滿的完成。

※ 系統上「沒有廣告營利」也「尚未對外徵求贊助」,主要是因為我們的初衷就是「非營利的義工團隊」。

※ 系統會取得使用者概略位置,您可以從系統設定中選擇不分享後即可完全關閉,而資訊只會做信眾分佈分析。

※ 為保護個人安全,請勿在 APP 中公佈自己的真實資料,如姓名、電話、住址、信用卡號或身分證字號等個人資料。

※ 在活動期間管理人員會隨時監控 GPS 訊號與狀況,會盡最大的能力提供最完善的資訊服務,但衛星訊號可能會因天氣、電力等因素而產生定位錯誤,站方將不為此造成的損失負任何責任。

※ 地圖路線僅會顯示整約 500 個點作為路線依據,所以路線紀錄僅供參考。

※ 各位需注意留言內容,請勿發表違反社會善良風俗、不雅字眼、違反法律、含有人身攻擊意味以及惡意散播不當言論符號或連結等話題。

※ 若有違反且經檢舉後查證屬實,則由工作人員將該使用者列入黑名單。

※ 聊天室內的留言若被檢舉後會由工作人員審查,如有違反以上提及的規範,則會將該筆留言刪除。

※ 若使用者個留言被檢舉成功次數高於5(含)次以上,則系統會自動將該使用者列入黑名單。

※ 被列入黑名單的使用者,依然可以使用 APP,但為了避免紛爭,被黑名單者的訊息會被系統過濾顯示。

※ 發言過快者系統將會鎖定15秒後才可發言,以避免遭惡意洗版或過短且蓄意擾亂秩序之訊息動態。

※ 目前不會長期保留使用者相關對話資料,如有需要請自行備份,留言字數每次以 100 個字為最長限制,發文時請稍微注意內容文字長度。

※ 系統藉由 Facebook 的 OAuth 授權登入,系統上公開的資料僅有 Facebook 上的 名稱、大頭照,信箱則是不定期寄送最新的資訊給您。

※ APP 會不定時開放讓使用者提供住宿等相關資訊,資訊經由工作人員審查後,即會顯示在聊天室之上,資訊若有不妥或被檢舉的話,亦會被刪除。

※ 新增訊息時需要登入才可使用,同時系統會顯示「結束時間」之前的資訊,所以新增時請詳細填寫說明。
※ In the year of Xin Chou in 2021, the Baishatun Gongtian Temple Mazu will go south to Beigang Chaotian Temple to enter the incense GPS system. We will provide all believers with the most immediate and accurate GPS positioning of Baishatun Mazu!

※ If you think our APP is good to use, welcome to give us 5 stars as an encouragement to our love!

※ We are not the official organization of "Baishatun Gongtian Temple", so the event information is mainly based on the official announcement of "Baishatun Gongtian Temple". For more information, please refer to "Baishatun Gongtian Temple Official Facebook Fan Page".

※ Our division of labor is divided into software group and carrying group. The fan page of the software group is "Where is Baishatun Mazu?", and you are welcome to search "Where is Baishatun Mazu?" and give us "click like" as Encourage!

※ The GPS device is followed by our “Manual Carrying Device” to collect information next to the Mazu sedan. If you see them on the road, you can give them encouragement and help, or search “Baishatun Mazu Beigang Jinxiang gps” on Facebook. We "click like" as encouragement!

※ We are a group of "unofficial volunteer teams" serving Baishatun Mazu. Whether it is software engineering, co-belt installations, and personnel management, it is all done by team partners working together.

※ I hope to provide a "fast", "convenient" and "easy operation" platform every year, which can be used by believers or related units, so that the activities can be successfully completed.

※ There is "no advertising for profit" and "not soliciting external sponsorship" on the system, mainly because our original intention is "non-profit volunteer team".

※ The system will get the user's approximate location, you can choose not to share from the system settings to completely close it, and the information will only be analyzed for the distribution of believers.

※ To protect personal safety, please do not publish your real information in the APP, such as personal information such as name, phone number, address, credit card number or ID number.

※ During the event, the management staff will monitor the GPS signal and status at any time, and will do their best to provide the most complete information service, but the satellite signal may cause positioning errors due to weather, electricity and other factors, and the station will not cause this Any responsibility for the loss.

※ The map route will only show about 500 points as the basis of the route, so the route record is for reference only.

※ You should pay attention to the content of the message, and do not post topics that violate social good customs, indecent words, violate the law, contain personal attacks, and maliciously spread inappropriate speech symbols or links.

※ If there is a violation and it is verified to be true after reporting, the staff will blacklist the user.

※ If the message in the chat room is reported, it will be reviewed by the staff. If it violates the above-mentioned norms, the message will be deleted.

※ If a user’s message is successfully reported more than 5 (inclusive) times, the system will automatically blacklist the user.

※ The blacklisted users can still use the APP, but in order to avoid disputes, the messages of the blacklisted users will be filtered and displayed by the system.

※ For those who speak too fast, the system will be locked for 15 seconds before they can speak, so as to avoid malicious washing or short messages that deliberately disrupt the order.

※ At present, the user-related conversation data will not be kept for a long time. If necessary, please back it up by yourself. The maximum number of words in a message is 100 words at a time. Please pay attention to the length of the content text when posting.

※ The system is authorized to log in by Facebook's OAuth. The only information disclosed on the system is the Facebook name and profile picture, and the mailbox will send you the latest information from time to time.

※ The APP will be open from time to time for users to provide relevant information such as accommodation. After the information is reviewed by the staff, it will be displayed on the chat room. If the information is inappropriate or reported, it will also be deleted.

※ When adding a message, you need to log in to use it. At the same time, the system will display the information before the "end time", so please fill in the description in detail when adding a message.
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※ 系統
• APP 支援 最低 Android 6.0 以上系統
• APP 維持支援深色主題
• 新增APP內設定深色模式功能

※ 地圖
• 修正版型與優化使用者體驗

※ 聊天室
• 優化地圖資訊呈現
• 優化聊天室內的內容,加強系統判讀垃圾訊息

※ 其他
• 全新 Logo 設計與排版
• 加強資料準確與穩定度
• 優化檢舉功能
• 加強「服務資訊」的功能
• 優化 APP 初始化流程
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