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宅谷地產資訊網 property.hk, 透過API「應用程式介面」連結銀行即時估價,無論大型屋苑、單幢式洋樓、居屋放盤,都自動連結平面圖,不僅提供實用面積,連工作平台面積、露台面積、平台面積、天台面積、花園面積、車房面積等...也會自動連結提供,這兩項連結是「盤源真確實證」。


樓盤搜尋 - 用戶可使用衛星定位地圖搜尋鄰近筍盤。除地圖搵樓外,進階搜尋可提供多種選項,包括地區、大廈/街道、建築面積、實用面積、售價及租金,物業用途細分為:住宅、居屋、綠表居屋、商舖、寫字樓/工貿、工業、車位、村屋、倉地/農地/雜項。

成交紀錄 - 提供香港各區各類型最新物業成交資料,特別之處是全部住宅提供實用面積,包括最難收集的唐樓(舊樓)的實用面積, 也包括離島成交及村屋成交,尤其是村屋成交,我們會將DD LOT轉換成市民看得明白的村名及門牌,香港其它地產門戶網都同樣未能做到。

數據公佈 - 提供香港島、九龍、新界東及新界西成交尺價走勢圖、地產經紀搵食指數、地產代理持牌人統計及每年每月的成交統計。

一手消耗表 - 提供近年新落成樓盤售出的數據,包括單位的實用面積,成交價和呎價,以及於土地註冊處登記的買方姓氏,讓有意置業的準買家,知悉樓盤已成交單位資訊,以及有那些尚未售出單位可供選擇。

凶宅 - 提供街道、大廈或村名地址,也包括案發日期及成因。

免費業主放盤 - 提供業主免費刊登放盤廣告途徑。讓買家或租客直接查閱,達至費用全免(免費廣告,不需付佣)。 同時,業主所放的樓盤,每日透過內聯網傳輸給超過20000名地產經紀閱讀(若業主不需代理服務,可選擇代理免問)。 多人出價,自然可租或賣出更高價。

按揭資訊 - 透過API「應用程式介面」實時接通各大銀行,實時提供按揭利率、按揭回贈等最優惠的按揭計劃。

地產新聞 - 提供最新地產新聞及相關消息,專欄包括: 地產新聞、代理新聞、一周總結、過往預測及負面新聞。

地產博客 - 傑出地產文章及讀者回應,專欄及作者包括: 文亮言-湯文亮、天馬縱橫-陳增濤、文亮語-湯文亮、至中論壇-蔡志忠、運籌帷幄-曾淵滄、樓市乾坤-何熊輝、精英文集、散文集等…
The biggest feature:

Zhaigu real estate information website property.hk, through the API "application programming interface" to link the bank real-time valuation, regardless of the large-scale housing estates, single-family houses, home ownership housing listings, the floor plans are automatically linked, providing not only the practical area, but also the working platform area , Terrace area, platform area, roof area, garden area, garage area, etc... will also be automatically linked and provided. These two links are "reliable proof of the source of the stock."

The main function:

Property Search-Users can use the satellite positioning map to search for nearby bamboo plates. In addition to the map search, advanced search can provide a variety of options, including area, building/street, floor area, saleable area, selling price and rent. The property use is broken down into: residential, HOS, green form HOS, shops, and office buildings. /Industry and trade, industry, parking spaces, village houses, warehouses/agricultural land/miscellaneous.

Transaction History-Provides the latest property transaction information of various types in various districts in Hong Kong. The special feature is that all residential buildings provide usable area, including the most difficult to collect saleable area of ​​tenements (old buildings), as well as outlying island transactions and village house transactions, especially When a village house is sold, we will convert DD LOT into a village name and house number that the public can understand. Other real estate portals in Hong Kong have also failed to do so.

Data Announcement-Provides the price chart of transactions on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories East and New Territories West, real estate brokerage index, real estate agent licensee statistics, and annual and monthly transaction statistics.

First-hand consumption table-Provides data on the sale of newly completed properties in recent years, including the saleable area of ​​the unit, the transaction price and the price per square foot, as well as the buyer's surname registered in the Land Registry, so that prospective buyers who are interested in buying a property can know the information of the units that have been sold. , And there are those unsold units to choose from.

Haunted House-Provide the address of the street, building or village, including the date and cause of the incident.

Free Owner Listing-Provides a way for owners to publish listing advertisements for free. Allow buyers or tenants to check directly, achieving free of charge (free advertising, no commission required). At the same time, the real estate properties placed by the owners are transmitted to more than 20,000 real estate agents through the intranet every day (if the owners do not need agency services, they can choose to be free of questions). If multiple people bid, they can naturally rent or sell at a higher price.

Mortgage Information-Connect to major banks in real time through the API "application programming interface", and provide real-time mortgage interest rates, mortgage rebates and other most favorable mortgage plans.

Real Estate News-Provides the latest real estate news and related news. The columns include: real estate news, agency news, weekly summary, past forecasts and negative news.

Real Estate Blog-Outstanding real estate articles and reader responses. Columns and authors include: Wen Liangyan-Tang Wenliang, Tianma Zongtao-Chen Zengtao, Wen Liangyu-Tang Wenliang, Zhizhong Forum-Cai Zhizhong, Strategies-Zeng Yuancang, Real Estate Market-He Xionghui, Elite Collected essays, essays, etc...
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