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Swift Oil Change is a doorstep car engine oil and filter change service, launched in Hyderabad, India.

The service we perform as our name suggests is "swift" which indicated faster & efficient service.

Out doorstep service consists of general periodic car servicing which is car Engine oil and filter change. We promise the general servicing to be done in 30 minutes. We only use the best synthetic oil as recommended by the car manufacturers. We also use the industry leading parts manufacturers to replace oil and air filters in your car. The service is performed by our expert car technicians.

Swift Oil Change service is more convenient than any conventional oil change service as the car owner does not have to take the car to the service station, wait for hours to get the service done and then come back to pick up the vehicle. The service is performed at owner's car location. The owner may or may not be present.

The entire process starts from our mobile app. The customer ( car owner ) downloads our app; creates his profile and adds his car specifications to our system. The car specifications include car make, model, car registration year & number plate.
One car number plate can not be shared across multiple users.

Once the car specifications are added; the app checks for more intricate details such as the current odometer reading, where exactly is the car located including the landmark and also the time slot at which the customer wants the service to be performed.

If a particular time slot is not available, the customer may select different time slot or choose a different date all together. The car location selection is made available through a predefined set of locations from a drop down menu in the app.

Based on the car details and the service details entered, the app shows various service options (Synthetic oil change, Oil + air filter change etc. ) including their respective costs ( parts + labor)

The customer then selects the service which he/she feels is the apt one for their vehicle.

The last step is the payment, successful upon which ensures a scheduled service. The customer is notified accordingly via email and toast notifications.

When it comes to the actual service at ground level , our car technician would arrive on the specified date & time, on the chosen location. The technician gets the car servicing done, pictures of the service are taken and are uploaded on the server for the customer to see it.

We strictly adhere to the norms of SAE ( Society of Automotive Engineers ) who set the standards for how a particular car should be serviced. We are also a green service where the waste oil collected is put into complete recycle process. Hence the business is environment friendly.

Imagine your car getting serviced while you are home, sitting in the office or out for lunch & that too without taking extra efforts to bring it to the service station. All you get is car service completion notification & service completion pictures. All of this under 30 minutes.

That's Swift Oil Change for you. Time saver, faster, better and hence efficient !!
Date de mise à jour
4 fbl 2024

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