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Learning has never been so much fun!
Ever wonder how the World Memory Athletes are able to memorize hundreds of random numbers, pictures, even names and faces in just a matter of minutes? MindX offers a chance for you to play all the competition events of the World Memory Championship and train to become a world-class memory athlete yourselves. Start your brain training today!

MindX is a training program to improve your brain capacity, anywhere, anytime, at your fingertips. Our games are based on the real events of the World Memory Championship where athletes from all over the world competes in who can memorize information as much as they can in a short amount of time. MindX offers fun and engaging games to challenge and train your memory to give your mind a much needed workout. The games included in MindX are quick and simple, but still require your immense focus to help keep your mind active.


Train your memory from the events competed in the World Memory Championship, including:
- Random Numbers
- Names and faces
- Random Words
- Random Images

MindX is made for all ages who wants to improve their brain capacity. No matter what your current level of memory, you can improve it drastically with the right training.

- Track your scores and achieve that highscores!
- Analysis of your gameplay that helps you understand your training
- Compete with your friends and see who is the better memory athlete!

Are you new to the events competed in the championship? Fear not, our game are designed so that you can customize the settings of each event to suit your training. Start small, and when you’re already get the hang of it, do not hesitate to crank those numbers up and you are one step closer to becoming the next World Memory Champion.

This memory boosting app is for all ages. You can even compete with your friends and hit the highest score.

Are you ready for the challenge? Get your neurons ready and play!
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31 Mei 2020

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Good news! Now you can play MindX for free. Kickstart your brain training and challenge your friends!