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Informazioni su questa app

Interacta is the first and only Social Process Management app, distributed under corporate license, that allows your company to manage the business processes, facilitate social collaboration, capitalize and leverage corporate knowledge and increase employee engagement. It easily creates, models and manages any business processes thanks to simple and powerful workflow management tools.

Interacta allows to:
- create a tailor-made workspace for your business processes
- design workflows from scratch following your business needs
- provide real-time information and detailed reports on the working progress
- find all the information one needs thanks to full-text search and search filters
- use social media tools such as post, @mentions, comments and communities to communicate with your team
- attach files and images and safely archive a large amount of data and files
- analyze metrics and data in real-time

Interacta is an easy, fast and secure tool, completely integrated with any existing system or app.

Interacta uses the principles of Social Process Management to make your teams effectively communicate through the communication dynamics of online social networks and, simultaneously, easily manage all the business information and processes. The aim is to save you time and money: while people easily and quickly collaborate, Interacta organizes interaction, structures unstructured data, tracks activities and instantly shares relevant information to those who need them.

Interacta is a corporate app distributed under license. Your company should reveal all the enabled users before the download of the app from the Google Play Store. For more information visit the website
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5 giu 2024

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