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Stay connected to your transport (vehicle, motorbike, cargo, bus, boat, special transport) with MetaTrak Pulsar Service’s Mobile App for Security and Search.
The MetaTrak Pulsar app is designed to manage the search beacon in case of vehicle theft.
• MetaTrak Pulsar will detect the exact location of your transport wherever you are!
• Track your transport on street-view maps, receive traffic information, and update on your device battery level.
• MetaTrak Pulsar will get coordinates once a day on exact time, but device is connected 3 times per day to receive coordinates, get command request position, turn on or off modes, so you can locate your transport without any hassle.
• Manage your car by Search Mode or Position Request Command.
• In the Search Mode the Tracker is sending coordinates each 20 minutes. Please use this mode in extreme cases for vehicle theft, cause this mode is working till battery charge is off or NOTIFICATION Balance is ended.
• Receive alarms if your device battery charge is low or the NOTIFICATION Balance is low.
• See the history of events including coordinates timeline.
• MetaTrak Pulsar’s Mobile app can be personalized, giving you the choice to switch themes, turn notifications on or off, and enable privacy when accessing the app.
Stay connected to your transport. Join MetaTrak Pulsar today!
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23 maj 2022


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The update contains performance improvements and bug fixes to optimize performance.