Chemistry IX

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Class 9th Chemistry Notes Board of Secondary Education Karachi. That Application is helpful all the Class Nine Science Students, Bodmas Model School and College is the best place for students, That BMSC to Promote a new technique of Education. That is very helpful to all Science student. The following topics are covered in Class IX Chemistry App.

The app basically covers board syllabus for exams like IBCC, BISE, BSEK and Aga Khan Board.

Chemistry IX Chapter 1: Introduction to Chemistry
➤ What is Chemistry
➤ Landmarks in the History of Chemistry
➤ Chemistry and Society
➤ Branches of Chemistry
➤ The Scientific Approach in Chemistry

Chemistry IX Chapter 2: Chemical Combinations
➤ Law of Chemical Combinations
➤ Atomic Mass
➤ Mole
➤ Chemical Reaction or Chemical Change

Chemistry IX Chapter 3: Atomic Structure
➤ Introduction to Atomic Structure
➤ Discovery of Electrons
➤ Rutherford Atomic Model
➤ Atomic Number (Z) and Mass Number (A)
➤ Electronic Configuration Based on Bohr's Model

Chemistry IX Chapter 4: Periodicity of Elements
➤ The Search for a Classification
➤ Some Periodic Properties of Atoms

Chemistry IX Chapter 5: Chemical Bonding
➤ Introduction to Chemical Bonding
➤ Formation of Chemical Bond
➤ Types of Chemical Bond
➤ Ionic Bond or Electrovalent Bond
➤ Covalent Bond
➤ Co-Ordinate Covalent Bond or Dative Covalent Bond
➤ Metallic Bonding
➤ Inter-Molecular Forces

Chemistry IX Chapter 6: States of Matter
➤ Common State of Matter
➤ Diffusion in Gases and Liquids
➤ Brownian Movement

Chemistry IX Chapter 7: Solution and Suspension (24 videos)
➤ Solution
➤ Factors Affecting Solubility
➤ Unsaturated, Saturated and Super Saturated Solutions
➤ Crystallization
➤ Strengths of a Solution
➤ Suspension

Chemistry IX Chapter 8: Electrochemistry
➤ Electrochemistry
➤ Electrolytes and Non-Electrolytes
➤ Electrolysis or Electrolytic Conduction
➤ Faraday's Laws of Electrolysis
➤ Uses of Electrolysis
➤ Electrochemical Cells
➤ Batteries

Chemistry IX Chapter 9: Acids, Bases and Salts
➤ Acids and Bases
➤ Properties of Acids and Bases
➤ Dissociation of Acids and Bases
➤ Salts
➤ Dissociation of Water
➤ Acid-Base Titration

Chemistry IX Chapter 10: Chemical Energetics
➤ Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions
➤ Heat Contents of Reactions
➤ Measurements of Heat of Reactions

Chemistry IX Chapter 11: Hydrogen and Water
➤ Hydrogen
➤ Water
➤ Water as a Universal Solvent
➤ Soft, Hard Water and Heavy Water
➤ Hygroscopic Substances
➤ Drinking Water

Chemistry IX Chapter 12: Carbon, Silicon and their Compounds
➤ Introduction to Carbon, Silicon and their Compounds
➤ Allotropy and Allotropic Forms of Carbon
➤ Properties of Carbon
➤ Silicon
➤ Silica

Chemistry IX Chapter 13: Nitrogen and Oxygen
➤ Introduction to Nitrogen and Oxygen
➤ Preparation of Nitrogen
➤ Oxides
➤ Oxidation and Reduction
➤ Ozone
➤ Compounds of Nitrogen

Chemistry IX Chapter 14: Sulphur and its Compounds
➤ Sulphur and its Allotropic Forms
➤ Occurrence and Extraction of Sulphur
➤ Properties of Sulphur
➤ Sulphuric Acid

Chemistry IX Chapter 15: Halogens
➤ Introduction to Halogens
➤ Chlorine
➤ Compounds of Chlorine
➤ Tests for Halide Ions

Chemistry IX Chapter 16: Metals and Their Extraction
➤ Metals and Non-Metals
➤ Minerals and Ores
➤ Metallurgy
➤ Metullurgy of Iron
➤ Copper
➤ Aluminium
➤ Alloys

Chemistry IX Chapter 17: Organic Chemistry
➤ Introduction to Organic Chemistry
➤ Natural Sources of Organic Compounds
➤ Homologous Series
➤ Hydrocarbons
➤ Preparation and Properties of Methane
➤ Preparation and Properties of Ethene
➤ Preparation and Properties of Ethyne

Chemistry IX Chapter 18: Chemical Industries
➤ Introduction to Chemical Industries
➤ Preparation of Carbonate and Bi-Carbonate of Sodium
➤ Soaps
➤ Plastics
➤ Paints
➤ Varnishes
➤ Polishes
➤ Inks
➤ Food Preservation
➤ Food Preservation Methods

Disclaimer: All question and answer Prepared by Prof. Raheel, he is the Senior Chemistry Teacher, The objective of this app students be ready for board exams.

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