Text reading. Multiple voices.

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About this app

Reads out text, up to 9 texts can be registered and switched. The reading speed and pitch can be changed.
Supports dozens of languages and voices, over 300.

You can choose from a wide variety of languages and voices for reading. (Depends on model)
Here is an example (excerpt).
ar ar-xa-x-ard-local
ar ar-xa-x-are-local
bg_BG bg-bg-language
bg_BG bg-bg-x-ifk-local
bn_BD bn-BD-language
bn_IN bn-IN-language
bn_IN bn-in-x-bnf-local
bn_IN bn-in-x-bnm-local
cs_CZ cs-cz-x-jfs-local
da_DK da-DK-language
da_DK da-dk-x-kfm-local
da_DK da-dk-x-nmm-local
da_DK da-dk-x-sfp-local
de_DE de-DE-language
de_DE de-de-x-deg-local
el_GR el-GR-language
el_GR el-gr-x-vfz-local
en_AU en-AU-language
en_AU en-au-x-aua-local
en_AU en-au-x-aub-local
en_AU en-au-x-auc-local
en_GB en-GB-language
en_GB en-gb-x-gba-local
en_GB en-gb-x-gbb-local
en_GB en-gb-x-gbc-local
en_GB en-gb-x-gbd-local
en_IN en-in-x-ahp-local
en_IN en-in-x-cxx-local
en_IN en-in-x-enc-local
en_IN en-in-x-end-local
en_NG en-NG-language
en_NG en-ng-x-tfn-local
en_US en-US-language
en_US en-us-x-iob-local
en_US en-us-x-iom-local
en_US en-us-x-sfg-local
en_US en-us-x-tpd-local
es_ES es-ES-language
es_ES es-es-x-eea-local
es_ES es-es-x-eed-local
es_ES es-es-x-eee-local
es_US es-US-language
es_US es-us-x-esc-local
es_US es-us-x-esd-local
es_US es-us-x-esf-local
et_EE et-EE-language
et_EE et-ee-x-tms-local
fi_FI fi-FI-language
fi_FI fi-fi-x-afi-local
fil_PH fil-PH-language
fil_PH fil-ph-x-cfc-local
fil_PH fil-ph-x-fic-local
fr_CA fr-CA-language
fr_CA fr-ca-x-cab-local
fr_CA fr-ca-x-cac-local
fr_FR fr-FR-language
fr_FR fr-fr-x-fra-local
fr_FR fr-fr-x-frb-local
fr_FR fr-fr-x-frc-local
gu_IN gu-IN-language
gu_IN gu-in-x-guf-local
hi_IN hi-IN-language
hi_IN hi-in-x-cfn-local
hi_IN hi-in-x-hia-local
hi_IN hi-in-x-hic-local
hu_HU hu-HU-language
hu_HU hu-hu-x-kfl-local
in_ID id-ID-language
in_ID id-id-x-dfz-local
in_ID id-id-x-idc-local
it_IT it-IT-language
it_IT it-it-x-itb-local
it_IT it-it-x-itc-local
ja_JP ja-JP-language
ja_JP ja-jp-x-jab-local
ja_JP ja-jp-x-jad-local
jv_ID jv-ID-language
jv_ID jv-id-x-jvf-local
km_KH km-KH-language
kn_IN kn-IN-language
kn_IN kn-in-x-knf-local
ko_KR ko-KR-language
ko_KR ko-kr-x-ism-local
lv_LV lv-LV-language
lv_LV lv-lv-x-imr-local
ml_IN ml-IN-language
ml_IN ml-in-x-mlf-local
mr_IN mr-IN-language
ms_MY ms-MY-language
ms_MY ms-my-x-msc-local
ms_MY ms-my-x-msd-local
nb_NO nb-no-x-cfl-local
nb_NO nb-no-x-cmj-local
nb_NO nb-no-x-rfj-local
ne_NP ne-NP-language
ne_NP ne-np-x-nep-local
nl_BE nl-be-x-bec-local
nl_BE nl-be-x-bed-local
nl_NL nl-NL-language
nl_NL nl-nl-x-bmh-local
nl_NL nl-nl-x-dma-local
pa_IN pa-IN-language
pa_IN pa-in-x-pac-local
pa_IN pa-in-x-pae-local
pl_PL pl-PL-language
pl_PL pl-pl-x-afb-local
pl_PL pl-pl-x-jmk-local
pt_BR pt-BR-language
pt_BR pt-br-x-afs-local
pt_BR pt-br-x-pte-local
pt_PT pt-PT-language
pt_PT pt-pt-x-jmn-local
ro_RO ro-RO-language
ru_RU ru-RU-language
ru_RU ru-ru-x-dfc-local
ru_RU ru-ru-x-rud-local
si_LK si-LK-language
si_LK si-lk-x-sin-local
sk_SK sk-SK-language
sk_SK sk-sk-x-sfk-local
su_ID su-ID-language
su_ID su-id-x-suf-local
sv_SE sv-se-x-afp-local
sv_SE sv-se-x-cfg-local
sv_SE sv-se-x-cmh-local
ta_IN ta-IN-language
ta_IN ta-in-x-taf-local
ta_IN ta-in-x-tag-local
te_IN te-IN-language
te_IN te-in-x-tef-local
th_TH th-TH-language
th_TH th-th-x-mol-local
tr_TR tr-TR-language
tr_TR tr-tr-x-ama-local
tr_TR tr-tr-x-cfs-local
tr_TR tr-tr-x-efu-local
uk_UA uk-UA-language
uk_UA uk-ua-x-hfd-local
ur_PK ur-PK-language
ur_PK ur-pk-x-cfn-local
vi_VN vi-VN-language
vi_VN vi-vn-x-gft-local
vi_VN vi-vn-x-vic-local
vi_VN vi-vn-x-vid-local
yue_HK yue-HK-language
yue_HK yue-hk-x-jar-local
yue_HK yue-hk-x-yuc-local
yue_HK yue-hk-x-yud-local
zh_CN cmn-cn-x-ccc-local
zh_CN cmn-cn-x-ccd-local
zh_CN zh-CN-language
zh_TW cmn-tw-x-ctc-local
zh_TW zh-TW-language
Updated on
Sep 16, 2023

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API level 34 has been included in the operation target.