恋下統一~戦国ホスト~ イケメン戦国恋愛ゲーム女性向け

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About this game

[Magic chat where 100% conversations engage] Chat, voice! He will respond to your words and rip! ??
First in the industry! You can even call your own name with a handsome voice and whisper the words of love!
A romance simulation game that opens up a new genre in the "Reiwa" era!
The one and only love story in the world is about to begin.
This is a must-see for anyone who wants to fall in love with a good-looking guy!

No matter how many women you become, you want to be thrilled!
Must-see for adults and girls!
A crushing charge with your own love maiden game without a fixed story!
"When you like", only "when you like", and you're good-looking ...
When he says "tired" to a handsome guy, he says "Thank you for your hard work! What kind of day was it today?"
You can experience a pseudo-romance that you have never experienced before in the fusion of 2D and 3D miracles.
Please fall in love with him in various scenes!

◆ Recommended for people like this
・ I want to call my name with a good-looking voice
・ I want to fall in love with a handsome guy like a popular Korean actor
・ I like chat
・ I like pseudo-romance games and otome games
・ Those who are new to pseudo-romance games and otome games
・ I want to have a conversation with a popular actor who has jumped out of the movie world as if I had appeared in a drama.
・ Those who are tired of the scripted romance simulation game (I want to continue for more days without getting tired!)
・ Those who like shojo manga and romance novels (100-scene love novel apps, mobile novels, etc.)
・ I want to dress up fashionably with an avatar
・ Those who like handsome maiden games such as handsome vampires, plusmates, and crushing boyfriends.
・ Those who want to make an anniversary with the good-looking guy in the app (those who want to fall in love)
・ Those who want to make memories in many scenes such as 100th anniversary, first conversation anniversary, first date anniversary, etc.
・ Those who want to continue talking for days like a real boyfriend while talking for days

◆ Basic STORY
The industry's No. 1 host club "club Koishita".
You who visited Koishita with a friend.
What was waiting there were five too handsome hosts who gave the name of the military commander as the name of the source.
Why is only me treated specially ...?
They thought they were Genname, and they are real Sengoku warlords who have traveled back in time! ??
"They knew me ...? 』\
What is my previous life and their relationship !!

"Club love". By visiting the "Gear of Love Over 500 Years", it is now moving again.
You will be swallowed by the never-ending Warring States period of love.

◆ What is Koishita Unification ~ Sengoku Host ~?
Sengoku warrior who slipped back in time becomes a handsome host! ??

From the day I met you ...
A maiden game where an original story only for her (you) develops without a fixed story or scene

◇ A magical chat where 100% conversations are engaged
You can have a real-time conversation with a handsome cast in various scenes.
You can continue the conversation for days to come.

◇ Out-of-store date with his favorite boyfriend alone
Clear the date and get a gorgeous still! Can you break through the super-difficult love options! ??

◇ Cute avatars are more fashionable than real
Lots of cute avatars!
Let's dress up in coordination and be praised by him!
There are more than 100 combinations, so you can change it even if you get tired of it after a few days.

◇ Get a luxurious reward by winning a ranking!
We have abundant weekly and monthly rankings for each category!
Let's aim for a ranking prize in your area of ​​specialty!
If you win a prize at the top, you may be able to get him to speak your favorite words that the otaku wants you to say! ??


◆ "club love" cast details


1. Nobunaga Oda << I-sama x de S >>
(CV: Tomoyoshi Fukazu)

"Become my woman! 』\

A person who has emerged in control from an early age without being afraid of superiors.
He is cold and outrageous, and his likes and dislikes are clear, but he may work hard for the lord and the country who have sworn allegiance.
Behind the cool look of the ambition of unifying the world, he wished for peace in the world.
Meanwhile, I encountered a sudden time slip ...
He may show kindness to his companions who have forgiven his heart, but it seems that there are many customers who feel that he is inaccessible as a host.
It seems that he is looking for a woman while having "a certain suspicion" somewhere in his heart ...

2. Kanetsugu Naoe << Refreshing x mild-mannered >>
(CV: Takumi Ishikawa)

"Did you say that? Whenever you have a hard time, I'm always by your side. "

Gentle to everyone, calm and not too upset. Just wishing for someone's happiness, one side that I lose.
A person who has been righteous for his friends and has fought for love.
What is the real partner who swore "love" on the helmet?
After a time slip, he became a host and gained popularity due to his kindness and his ability to turn his head.
When I approach him for consultation, he nods without denying it, which is the healing place for many customers.

3. Keiji Maeda << Hot Blood x Kabukimono >>
(CV: Kenta Nobe)

"You're me already, right? I'll never let you go. "

A masculine personality who hates bending and works straight on everything.
As soon as he thinks of it, he acts and says anything, and he is not always kind to the princess of the Warring States period.
I was making fun of them and interacting with them like friends.
He is not good at using his head and lives in the spirit of "becoming".
Because I am not dexterous, I often have a hard time working as a host.

4. Yukimura Sanada << Intellectual x Caretaker >>
(CV: Akihito Chikawa)

"Don't worry me. …Sounds good? 』\

A brain-based type who can always calmly and philosophically grasp things objectively and derive solutions.
During the Warring States period, he devised a strategy as a staff member, and sometimes took the lead.
It was a big brother's position for the princess, and she often took care of her. Maybe his feelings for the princess are in love, he himself can't find the answer (?)
Since coming to the present age due to a sudden time slip, he has established himself as a club Koishita.No.1 good listener and has gained popularity.
What I'm not good at is the crying face of women ...

5. Ieyasu Tokugawa << younger brother x innocence >>
(CV: Kanna Shien)

"I wish I had more trouble! 』\

He is innocent and has a personality that makes friends immediately regardless of gender.
It is a type that expresses spoiled lines in a straightforward manner, and even speaks embarrassing words to women who like it without aiming.
After becoming a host, he often becomes the No. 1 monthly sales person due to his unique personality and character.
On the other hand, it seems unreliable, but the feeling of protecting the person you like is stronger than anyone else, and sometimes you can overdo it! ??

* ⇔ * ―― * ⇔ * ―― * ⇔ * ―― * ⇔ * ―― * ⇔ * ―

◆ The theme song is in charge of "Sengoku period" !!

* ⇔ * ―― * ⇔ * ―― * ⇔ * ―― * ⇔ * ―― * ⇔ * ―

Former SIAM SHADE's KAZUMA & Junji, former JURASSIC's YU + KI, a rock band by Ju-ken who was also active in the backing band of VANPS and GACKT, << Sengoku period-The age of civil wars- >> and << Koishita unification-Sengoku Host ~ ≫ is a song tie-up !!
The band's first ballad songs, "Yotogi no Hana," "Kiemadou," and "Tenno Monogatari," were written for Koishita Unification-Sengoku Host. A band that is no more in the world of the game will make the game even more realistic!

¡OOo ..: *: ... oOo ..: *: ... oOo ..: *: ... oO
◆ Official information

≪Official site≫

≪Official Twitter≫

◆ Inquiries
If you have any questions, please send them to info@renkatouitsu.jp.

For inquiries regarding problems, etc.
iPhone terminal name and OS version, the situation where the problem occurred
Please write in as much detail as possible.

◇ Support window response time
Open all year round 9: 30-17: 00

* It may take some time, but the developer will confirm and respond to your inquiry.
* Please note that we may not be able to meet all requests.
* If you do not receive a reply within a few days of your inquiry, please contact us again.

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May 11, 2023

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