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About this game

"Life and Death - Let's ask Panda Sensei" is a brand new go app, brought to you by the world's highest level internet Go Salon, Pandanet!
Unlike other go problem apps, Panda Sensei runs on the "King of Tsumego: Panda Sensei" evaluation system to give you accurate support no matter the move! Panda Sensei sticks with you until you are satisfied and is perfect for improving your go strength.
We've provided a wide range of problems, from "beginner" problems even a beginner can enjoy, to "super advanced" problems that would give even pro players something to think about. New "beginner," "intermediate," and "advanced" problems are uploaded every week, and one free problem is posted every week for users to try out. "King of Tsumego: Panda Sensei" can also be used on smartphones in Panda Sensei mode.
Try having some fun with a go app that is a little different from what you might be used to!

[Just some ways to use this app!]

(1) Use "Panda Sensei Mode" to check life-and-death problems from actual games.
Have you ever been playing a game and not realized there was a dead group?
Why not have "Panda Sensei Mode" judge some go problems you're concerned about? Panda Sensei will tell you in an instant whether any moves are available. It will also resolve those cases where you are having trouble reading out the position. It can also clear up problems you have been unsure about.

(2) Study go when you have a little free time.
Don't have enough time for a full game? Use Panda Sensei to enjoy go when you have some free time. Use it when you're commuting to work or school or during lunch!

[What is the life-and-death judgment system?]
Have you ever looked at a go problem or a solution to a clever move and thought "I don't really get it" or "what would happen if I played a move here?" Why not give "King of Tsumego: Panda Sensei" a try? Even pro players love it! The life-and-death judgment system features revolutionary AI that turns conventional wisdom on its head. The computer judges local life-and-death positions from game records. If there are two or three correct sequences, they will all be displayed. The computer also responds no matter where the user plays his or her move—it will even counter if the move is outside of the correct sequence judged by the computer. The development of this system was supervised by Yoshio "The Computer" Ishida (9-dan). Our system even surprised Mr. Ishida! Why not give it a try and improve your go game?

[What is Pandanet?]
Pandanet has members in more than 150 countries. That means automatic matching can easily find a good opponent for you-24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our experience over the last 10 years serving 200,000 members has resulting in accurate ratings (rankings) that always bring you optimal matches!

<Pandanet features>

(1) Easy to get started.
There is no need to use a keyboard, so it's easy even for those unfamiliar with computers. The service stresses good manners; have a fun time playing! Pandanet supports smartphones and tablets, so you can watch and play games anywhere.

(2) Pandanet broadcasts live games between pro players in Japan, and Pairgo tournaments from all over the world.
Members are free to watch live Japanese title matches between pro players, Pairgo games, and amateur matches.

(3) Full support system.
"I can't connect!" "I don't know how to use the game software!" If you have trouble, don't worry! Our support center staff will courteously respond to your questions, free of charge. "I know my way around a go board, but I'm not so sure about playing over the Internet..." Our support center staff will patiently walk you through using Pandanet.
Please feel free to contact us by email if you have a question about using the software, some concern about Pandanet, a complaint about a problem you have during a game... or any other feedback or requests.

(4) Plenty of tournaments and events.
Pandanet provides enjoyable games every day-including tournaments and free events.
Updated on
Sep 29, 2015

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What's new

- This app had localized to English, Korean, and Chinese(Simplified, Traditional).
- Fixes some minor issues.