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Be always up to date with a state of your IoT devices connected to Thingspeak!
You don't need to start an app every time you want to know your senros' actual readings,
cause they will be always on your Home screen in sight!

* If you don't know how to create a widget on your Home screen,
please read a tiny manual below, it is really simple.
** If you can't find widget in your device (sometimes it happens in Android 5.1),
please find solution below.

The widget features:
Create widgets to monitor actual Fields’ values in your Channel – one or two in every widget.
Monitor many Fields from different Channels creating several widgets in one screen.
Monitor Private Channels using Read API Keys.
Set higher and lower alert thresholds to recieve alerts if monitored field's value exceeds these thresholds.
View and customize charts, set up period or results count, average, sum or median the values there.
Set up the URL of your own Thingspeak server instance to monitor data from it.

Tap on a chart icon in a widget to view charts for every monitored field for various periods.
Tap on a Field value in a widget to refresh manually.
Tap on a menu icon in a widget to configure and customize it.
Configure needed refresh time for every widget.
Customize widget UI, value rounding and font size, background color and background transparency.

It is really flexible, simple and nice!

* How to create a widget in Home screen.
To enjoy IoT Thingspeak Monitor you should create at least one instance of it on your home screen.
To create new instance you should perform the following steps:
1. Long press on any open spot on one of your Home screen pages.You' will see a list of options.
2. Touch the option Widgets from the list of choices
3. Scroll the list and find IoT Thinspeak Monitor
4. Drag&Drop it to any place of your home screen
5. After a config screan will appear
6. Configure your widget and enjoy!
You can create one, two and more widgets with different options of your channels.
Also you can change size of widget (make it bigger). To do that just long press on certain widget on your home screen and release the finger. Widget bounds will appear. You should move bound points to change the widget size.

** Widget is not appeared in a widgets page or something like that.
This is known bug of Android 5.0 and 5.1.
1. Please reboot your device and check again.
2. Check the URL: to find a couple of another solutions.
It should help you to fix the issue!

Usage examples:
As an example of IoT ThingSpeak Monitor Widget usage is monitoring of your own weather station.
Actually it is so easy and cheap to create it with Arduino or ESP8266.
There are lots of blogs where you can find related step-by-step manuals.
Here are some of them:
1. Low cost WIFI temperature (DS18B20) data logger based on ESP8266 with connectivity to (
2. Send sensor data (DHT11 & BMP180) to ThingSpeak with an Arduino, using cable or WiFi (ESP8266) (
3. ESP8266 Weather Station with Arduino
#1 Hardware (
#2 Software (

ThingSpeak is an open source “Internet of Things” application and API to store and retrieve data from things using HTTP over the Internet or via a Local Area Network.
With ThingSpeak you can create sensor logging applications, location tracking applications and a social network of things with status updates.
For more information please visit

Do you have any questions?
Please send me e-mail!
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795 Rezensionen
Wo Bo
5. Januar 2021
Danke für das tolle Tool! Nutze es seit Jahren zur Visualisierung von immer neue Projekten und gewinne dadurch Erkenntnis über Zusammenhänge. Woraus neue Ideen für weitere Projekte entstehn. z.B. wie ist die Temperatur im Boden in 10cm, 30cm, 1m Tiefe über das Jahr - und welchen Einfluss hat die Niederschlagsmenge darauf... Nichts was die Welt verändert, aber meinen Blick dafür und ich erweitere mein Wissen über Sensoren, Mikrocontroller und deren Programmierung.
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Ein Google-Nutzer
22. August 2019
Widget mit aktuellen Werten u. Chart mit historisierten Werten von Thingspeak ist genau das was ich brauche. Hervorzuheben ist der sehr gute Support durch den Entwickler.
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Ein Google-Nutzer
25. Oktober 2019
Aktuell gebe ich nur 2*, da sich das Widget nicht selbst aktualisiert auf Samsung S10 mit Android 9.
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Wilice K
20. Februar 2020
Try to clear cache data of the app in Android settings. It will fix your issue


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