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PhotoChron - daily timelapse

Andy Dyer-Smith
*** V2 Released - Including ability to back up photos to the cloud! ****

Take a photo every day, week or month and build it into a timelapse video for you to share with your friends.

- Watch yourself change over time
- Track your ‘tache for Movember
- Keep a record of your baby growing up
- Track your appearance as you start a new workout routine


- Cloud backup - Don't lose those photos, turn on back up and your photos will be backed up to your Google Drive account.
- PhotoChron can remind you to take a photo a day, week or month
- HD or SD video output
- Share the videos to YouTube, Facebook, Google+ or simply email
- Align your photo with using a simple guide or overlaying it with the last photo you took
- Didn’t line up the photo quite right? Edit the photo afterwards to make the perfect time lapse
- Add photos you might have already taken that are in your phone gallery

If you see any problems email me:

Galacto Golf

Andy Dyer-Smith
Galacto golf is a simple physics based game. Use the force of gravity to plot your course around planets, moons and suns to reach the wormhole.

Try to get under par on each hole and don't forget to collect bonus stars to unlock more levels!

Whack an APE

Andy Dyer-Smith
Test App - do not download

This is for testing app billing as part of my day job - nothing to see here!

Andys Billing test 3

Andy Dyer-Smith
do not download