City & County of Honolulu

DaBus - The Oahu Bus App

City & County of Honolulu
No more getting caught in the rain waiting for the bus.
No more scratching your head and wondering if you have missed the bus.
No more guessing when the next bus will arrive!

DaBus app takes the guesswork out of catching the bus on the island of Oahu. It uses the arrival information, courtesy of the Oahu Transit Services (OTS) to provide the best estimated time on when the next bus will arrive. This app also tracks the current location of the bus so you know exactly where it is located on the map. It is the app to download when you are in Hawaii.

This app is fun, simple and intuitive to use. Best of all, it is absolutely FREE!

- Mahalo (Thank you) for downloading and using this app.


- Locate nearby bus stops.
- Search for bus stops by street name, destination route number, and stop number.
- Search for bus stops by tapping on the map.
- Get GPS real-time arrival information.
- Get published bus schedules for any days of the week.
- Auto refresh bus arrival information.
- Track the current bus location.
- Watch the bus gliding across the map.
- Bookmark your favorite bus stops.
- Get latest news and information on DaBus app, Traffic Accidents, Road Closures.
- Watch cool demo videos.
- Send comments to TheBus and Development team.

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Da Bus

Honolulu Tsunami Evac. Zones

City & County of Honolulu
In the event of an emergency, time is of the essence. The Honolulu Tsunami Evacuation Zones app allows you to quickly and easily discover if you are in a tsunami evacuation zone. Search for your loved ones (via address) and share the app so they can do the same. It can even help you navigate to the nearest refuge or shelter. Be prepared and download it today!

Key features:
-Displays tsunami related information for the island of Oahu
-My Location = overlays your device's GPS location on the map
-Address Search = manually search for an address by street and city
-Share = tell your friends and family about the app via social networks, text message, email, etc.
-Tap screen once = displays address for that point
-Tap same address twice = starts Google Navigation with that address as the destination
-Tap and drag = pan the map
-Double tap = zoom in on the map
-Tap with two fingers = zoom out on the map
-Pinch = zoom in/out on the map

Explanation of permissions:
-Your location = allows the app to overlay your GPS location on the map
-Storage = allows the app to cache map tiles to the storage device
-Network communication = allows the app to download the basemap and tsunami evacuation zone layer data

If you experience issues with the GPS/My Location feature:
1. Please enable all available Location services (Settings > Location/Location & security). The number and names of these services differ by carrier/device but enabling all available services should allow for the best performance and accuracy in obtaining your location.
2. If conditions allow, please move to a location with a clear view of the sky. GPS enabled apps (including this one) work best outdoors with no overhead obstructions.
3. Please check to see if you can get a satellite lock with another GPS enabled app (e.g. Google Maps). If you still cannot get a lock, there may be an issue with the device rather than the app.

For more information, please visit:

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