Do you want various symbols?

Symbols offer symbols(Currency(rupee),Greek,Arrow,Line,Math,Unit,Japanese,Emoticon, smiley etc.) more than 600.

You can easily type symbol any space(sms,email,web,twitter,facebook etc.)

If you want any symbol mail me, I will update ASAP

It is all free!!

Tip - If you want to type just one symbol, you don't have to press "Copy to Clipboard" button. because it is already copy to clipboard. you just long press on textfield where you want type symbol

EarSmart (Auto Earphone)

When you plug your EarPhone or Bluetooth in, it will automatically run selected app(s).Like a power amp.

That's it. So simple.

EarSmart is a useful application that consists of selecting your preferred apps so when you plug your earphones or bluetooth in, they will automatically open.

When you first install it, you will be presented a main screen with all the applications and you just need to select the ones you want to be opened or even the volume setting. Besides that, there are some apps that are enabled AutoPlay and you can also select them to begin automatically when you connect the earphones.

PS. automatic play option dosen't work on Jelly Bean(higher than 4.1)

Tag. Earjact,auto,ear,music,movie,radio,car kit, Tools,Player

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Beyond Memo

Do you have bad memory?

If you even forget to check memo(notepad), I can help you

Beyond Memo some different normal note(memo) app. like color note, evernote, diary

I have a solution.

If you write memo through Beyond Memo, you can see memo from all view(movie,game,twitter,internet,facebook,call etc)

if you have bad memory, install Beyond Memo right now!!

Just simple use!


Why do you hate long pressing the home button?

New way to multitasking for Android device.

MultiTasker is always there whenever you need any apps.
Simply slide the bar you want and it appears on top of your current app to allow easy multitask.

It's very simple, fast, easy to lunch apps.

Just swipe left,right,bottom area for frequently, recently used apps.

One Line

OneLine is a free fun puzzle game.

Very simple block game!

The rules of below.
Green Block - Start Block
Yellow Block - Empty Block

Fill all Yellow Block!!

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Comic Memo(Widget Memo)

Fantastic Amazing Comic Widget Memo!!

You can use beautiful memo widget!

It is different with other widget memo(evernote,color note).

very easy to remember anything

Comic Memo is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to quickly add memo widget.

* If you install in sdcard, it will not work.

Coolpisoo Other Apps - Symbols, OneLine, Beyond Memo, EarSmart

Symbols Pro

Symbols Pro version

※first remove Symbols Free Version

-Ad Free
-Landscape Mode

EarSmart Pro

PS. automatic play option dosen't work on Jelly Bean(higher than 4.1)

-Ad Free version!
-More fast pop-up