Changelog Droid

Are you tired of going through every updated application on the Play Store to see what the developer has changed? Changelog Droid solves this problem by fetching all the information directly from the Play Store after or before you update them.

Stay up to date!
Changelog Droid will check the Play Store in the background and notify you when updates are available.

The better wishlist!
Add apps that you haven't installed by simply sharing them from the Play Store to Changelog Droid and keep track of updates without wasting storage space.

All kinds of useful!
Use Changelog Droid to launch or uninstall apps, open the system's info page or go directly to the Play Store to update your apps.

Build a history!
Changelog Droid will build a complete version history so you can keep track of every change made to your apps.

Key Features:

- All the recent changes directly from the Play Store
- Update notification and manual update check
- Version history containing all changelogs
- Observe apps that you don't have installed
- Blacklist apps that you don't want to update
- Quick Search for all of your apps
- DashClock extension

Check out the Premium Version without ads and with cool Themes!


Because there is no official API for the Play Store Changelog Droid may not find some of the available updates. Please try the "Intense Check" option to increase the results.

If error should occur, please contact me instead of giving a negative rating.

If you would like to help translating Changelog Droid to your language, please visit


- Internet: Access the Play Store
- Access Network State: Check connection status.
- Get Accounts, Use Credentials, Manage Accounts: Get authentication token for the Google account, required for accessing the Play Store
- Receive Boot Completed: Registering background service for update checking.
- Wake Lock: Assure that internet is connected when checking for updates in background.
- Google Services: Obtain Android ID automatically
- Vibrate: Vibrate for notifications
- External Storage: Import/Export

Kame Hame Herp

Kame Hame Ha everywhere!

Motivational Generator

Create your own Motivational or Demotivational Posters to (de-)motivate you and your friends. Start your own internet meme or adapt known phrases from 4chan and other image boards for your pictures.

Pick an image from your SD Card or shoot a photo. Add a title and a description. Changes will take effect immediatly.

Save your image, publish it to Facebook and Co or send it as a message.

When a problem occurs. please write me a messsage, rather than giving a bad rating and I will try to solve it.

Dolphin: Send To Browser

Send any web page from your Dolphin Browser HD to any other installed browser. With Dolphin Send to Browser, you can swipe from the right to bring up the addon bar and press the "Send to browser" icon. Select the browser you wish to display your page. That's it!

Dolphin Send to Browser is an Add-on for Dolphin Browser HD. Just search “Dolphin Browser HD” in Google Play or download here:

What is an Add-on?
Beef up your Dolphin Browser by installing your favorite Add-ons. Similar to a desktop Plug-in, each Add-on will provides additional functionality on mobile device. Forgot password? Password Manager can help. Want a new look for your Dolphin? Download Shiny Shake to change colors. Want to read a webpage in French? Get Dolphin Translate. Click here to learn more:

Other popular Dolphin Add-ons:
• Bookmark to SD
• Dolphin YouTube Search
• PDF Viewer for Dolphin
• Web to PDF
• Dolphin Google Services

Join the Dolphin community!
Any further suggestions, please contact at

KIT Mensa Plan

Hol dir den aktuellen Mensaplan direkt in deine Hosentasche!

Nie wieder lange vor der Speisekarte nachdenken. Mit dem Mensaplan hast du den aktuellen, sowie alle weiteren verfügbaren Essenspläne an der Mensa des Karlsruher Institut für Technologie dabei.

Bereits runtergeladene Pläne werden auf dem Gerät gespeichert, so dass sie auch offline immer wieder angeschaut werden können.

In der neusten Version sind alle Mensen des Studentenwerks enthalten.

Homescreen- und Lockscreen-Widgets sind verfügbar.

Export Wizard for CD Premium

Thank you for using Changelog Droid Premium and supporting its development. Unfortunately, the premium version of Changelog Droid has been discontinued and all of the features were moved to the free version. You can use this update to export all of your data to the free version of Changelog Droid.

If you're already using Changelog Droid free, don't install this app.