Flight Plan FltPlan.com Mobile

Flight plan information with access to FltPlan.com (both mobile and full site).

Aircraft checklist feature.
Weight & Balance feature is now located under the Tools section.

• Location Wx and Enroute Wx briefings with radar
• Pre-Departure Clearance retrieval
• FBO fuel prices
• Flight tracking
• Downloadable U.S. and Canada Approach Plates
• Downloadable U.S. Airport/Facility Directory
• FltPlan’s FltDeck Guide - access airport and FBO information for over 6,000 airports in 17 countries
• Moving Map feature with downloadable U.S. and Canada IFR and U.S. VFR charts
• FltPlan.com's Weight & Balance utility - sync directly with your account
• Documents feature allows you to download directly from your FltPlan.com document storage. Now including legends and general information for IAP's, A/FD, TEC Routes, and VFR/IFR chart legends.
• Runway Wind Calculator. Calculate tailwinds/headwinds and left/right crosswinds.
• Fuel Conversion Tool. Calculate AvGas and Jet A1 fuel weight. Calculate pounds per gallon, gallons per pound (kilograms and liters included). A savable Custom Fuel Type is available / enter your own pound per gallon (or kilogram per liter).
• Temperature Conversion Tool. Quickly and easily calculate degrees Fahrenheit to and from degrees Celsius.
• Pressure Altitude and Density Altitude Calculator

Compatible with Android tablets and Android 4.3 OS devices.

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FltPlan Go

FltPlan Go is FltPlan's newest free app (EFB) for pilots. All of the tools you love from FltPlan's original app are incorporated into FltPlan Go including moving maps, approach plates, navlogs, weather, weight and balance, and document storage. In addition, there is a new streamlined interface and new features including aircraft checklists, breadcrumbs and more.

New in FltPlan Go:

Aircraft Checklists
Geo-referenced taxi charts
Geo-referenced approach plates
Even more Fuel Prices
Still FREE!

FltPlan is the largest flight planning company in North America, filing more flight plans than all other general aviation flight planning companies combined. FltPlan has more than 14 years of general aviation experience giving pilots access to the best support team in the business. Whether you fly a Cessna 172 or a GV, FltPlan is the flight planner for you.