Spray Painter

Spray Painter is an application simulating spray painting and creating wonderful graffiti on the touch screen of your mobile phone.

This simple app for your Android device lets you spray paint anything you want on a virtual wall. See what it's like to paint graffiti without even vandalizing anything! Choose from 10 different colors of paint, then select from three spray strengths and spray sizes. The small and medium sizes are handy for drawing outlines, adding detail, or creating highlights. Select the large size to fill in big areas. Low spray strength will give you a misty effect, while full strength will result in solid colors. You can change the background color and even the background pattern.
In latest Spray Painter release you can take own background foto and you can paint on a photographed wall, fence on even whole building :)

Don't know what to paint? Pick one of the 30 included templates and go wild. If you make a mistake, tap UNDO to undo your last stroke or use the eraser tool. Play around to create different effects, like painting in one place to create paint drips. Draw with your finger and hear what it sounds like to spray with a real can, or use the app with the sound turned off. The wall is your oyster.

You can also save your created image as a file, set as wallpaper or share image with your friends.
You can shake your phone for mix your spray. When you paint in one place, you can see paint leak. You can simply create nice graffiti wallpapers, wall sketch, street art and much more.


- 10 spray cans with different paint colours
- 3 spray sizes and strengths
- 5 backgrounds patterns
- 30 templates
- undo/redo
- eraser
- shake phone for mix spray can
- paint leak
- saving created image as file, set as wallpaper or share with friends (facebook, gmail, etc.)
- take background foto

Have fun!

Fruit Sorter

Become a worker of a sorting plant and sort juicy fruit in this addictive Fruit Sorter game!

In Fruit Sorter your task is to sort different types of juicy fruit moving on a belt and put them into boxes. Your task will be made easier by the so-called helpers who will be receiving boxes full of juicy fruit. However, your task will not be so easy, because you will need to fast sort all the fruit like a Ninja before they reach the end of the belt and fall into the mill. You need to put into the boxes only the same fruit. You will get extra bonus points for putting one or more fruit at the same time!

The game offers four modes:

NORMAL - a basic mode in which you have to sort a fixed quantity of juicy fruit.

MORE FRUITS - in this mode, from time to time, new boxes will be added and you will see new juicy fruit on the belt.

TIME ATTACK - you task will be made more difficult by the passage of time. You have 30 seconds of basic time and additional 3 seconds for each filled box!

EXTREME - in this mode some fruits will be swapped on the belt with time!

Game features:

- original idea and execution
- three game modes
- free game without IAP
- addictive endless gameplay
- combo score system
- additional unlockable fruits
- cool gfx, music and sound effects

Tags: fruit, action, arcade, endless, free, game, speedrun, player, challenge, combos, bonuses, fun, addicitve, collect items, tricks

Some Fruit Sorter game reviews:

Simplicity and high-playability: what a great timewaster must have. A new great title of Netox. High recommendable!

Interesting Action Game - Easy to Learn & Hard to Master!

- This game is one of those that once you start playing, you cannot stop. Highly addictive and most of all fun. 5/5

- I really like the ability to do combos in this game. That definitely sets is apart from the majority of sorting games out there. The graphics are crisp and the animation is smooth and the game play is fun. What more could I ask for?! :) 5/5

- This game hits that perfect equilibrium point where you are constantly pushing your luck to maximize combo points while risk losing fruit over the edge. Simple, fun arcade action. 5/5

Play in Fruit Sorter to have endless fun!

Glow Paint

Glow Paint is an application simulating glow or neon painting on the touch screen of your mobile phone.
Glow Paint allows you to select one of 10 colors of paints, three glow sizes, several background patterns and templates, Undo or Redo the last brush movement. You can also save your created image as a file, set as wallpaper or share image with your friends. With Glow Paint you can draw nice neon or LED doodles or add neon glows to your images or photos from phone gallery. Enjoy!


- 10 glow colours
- 3 glow sizes and strength
- 5 glow brushes
- 5 backgrounds patterns
- 25 templates
- undo/redo
- eraser
- saving created image as a file, set as wallpaper or share with friends
- draw on images or photos selected from phone gallery

Bull Rush

Bull Rush is a funny and addictive game in which your task is to help the bull run to the beloved cow.

Your task is seemingly simple - you have to help the bull with jumping over the appearing obstacles on his way and collect symbols of love, which the bull will give to the beloved cow expecting him at the end of each level. In time you will see, however, that the task is much more difficult– the way is full of obstacles that you need to avoid with a double jump, and sometimes you have to even destroy them. You should not be surprised that sometimes your bull will have to jump into the water. Sometimes you will find cans of a drink which will give your bull the strength! However, be careful, because the effects of the drink will not be always the same!
There are many adventures. However, it is worth spending some time on it because it is all about a great love!

Bull Rush will be great game for gamers which love games such as Mario Bros, Angry Birds or Cut the Rope and other simply and addictive casual and platform games.


- 3 worlds
- 18 levels in each world
- 12 extra levels
- items to be collected
- drinks giving energy to the bull
- stars for collecting items
- ramps, water, obstacles, holes, etc. to be overcome
- at the end of each level you will meet the cow:)
- music, sound effects and vibrations
- easy and pleasant control
- good graphics and addictive gameplay

Help a bull run to the beloved cow!

Tags: platform, game, speedrun, run, love, player, race, super mario, sonic, challenge, fun, arcade, addicitve, levels, collect items, tricks

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Party Lights

A fantastic mix of colors, sparkles and lights directly from your mobile phone!

Party Lights will change the screen of your Android phone into a disco show according to currently listened music. You will be able to choose one of twelve available effects – a stroboscope, pixel plasma, stars, rays, spiral and others nice visual effects. You can enable color-mixing effect or set manually effect colours. Each effect speed may be additionally regulated - based on beats per minute (BPM Mode), based on music sound level (Tune Mode) or manually by touching the screen (Tap Mode). If you happen to be in darkness, your way will be lightened up by beautiful effects. A real disco show with your mobile phone!

Happy Newy Year party with Party Lights!

Shoot the Cans

Shoot the Cans is an absorbing physics game that will allow you to take a break from daily routine and relax by throwing down beverage cans in a row. You can use many different types of objects such as various balls and all items at close hand to throw down the cans.
You have three worlds to pass in different scenes, each containing 20 stages. The first world is the beach where you can aim at cans arranged on sand hills. As a kind of weapon you use different balls, or even ... coconuts :)
Each next world is a new scenery, new weapons and additional surprises :)


- 3 Worlds and 60 levels
- 15 different weapons
- nice graphics and music
- physics game engine

In Shoot the Cans you can throw anything at cans and have fun, as well as improve your precision and beat new records!

Best Drum Kit Music Percussion

Best Drum Kit is a free music application that allows you to play drums on your Android phone or tablet. You can get easy pleasure with playing easy sound beats or use full multitouch support to create complex rhytm patterns on wide range of realistic music percussion instruments like cymbals, hihats, crashes, rides, 4 toms, kicks and snares. You can set simple or full drum set. But there is more! If you really like to get into unique, original and crazy beats, use our special magic instruments with wide palette of predefined funny sounds which surprise you and make you laugh everytime you touch it. And if you like to play with tamburines, cowbells, metalboxes (etc) - you have another special instrument where you can select all sounds from the sounds menu.
You can tap with or sweep over the instruments with your fingers, nose, forehead, chin, nipple etc. Be creative - all techniques are allowed to get the best drum sound! It sounds good on small speakers and will blow your ears when connected to big amp through the jack.
Rec Loop option allow you to record simple two sound beat which enables you to focus on playing with the rest of the sounds.
Real drum sound is right under your fingers!

Best Drum Kit features:

- high fidelity drum sound
- 12 drum instruments: kick, snare, open hihat, closed hihat, two crashes, ride, four toms.
- additional instrument with 60 sounds triggered in random order
- full or simple drum set to choose (for professionals and amateurs)
- creating short loops
- playing by multitouch tap or sweep over the screen
- nice graphics and smooth animation
- so easy in use and friendly interface as possible

SCAMPS - addictive puzzle game

Scamps game is an addictive free physics puzzle game with funny colorful furry ball creatures which you will love!

Scamps inhabit one of the distant planets. They are nice and hairy creatures you will like. Unfortunately scamps have one problem - there is so many of them that there is no space on their planet for all of them! Help scamps and send them back to other, neighboring planet!

The Scamps game offers five different game modes:

Remove scamps of same colours by touching the scamp who touches at least one scamp of the same color. The more scamps you remove in one go, the more points you get! Remove completely scamps of the same colour to get Color-Clear Bonus Combo! Do not let scamps occupy the entire screen. With time you will see scamps in additional colours.

The 90 seconds mode is a mode in which you have 90 seconds to play the game. Your playing time may be extended when you completely remove scamps of the same colour.

In this mode, you will see scamps in other colours and colorful scamps, so the game will be much more interesting!

Here, you remove scamps provided that there are at least three scamps of the same color next to each other.

Time Attack is an uncontrollable attack of scamps. No matter how you remove scamps, you will have other groups of scamps falling suddenly.

Individual Scamps characters

You can enable or disable up to four individual Scamps characters which make your game much more interesting:

- Dark – touch a scamp to remove him, be careful because dark scamps can beat their neighbours!

- Chimney sweep - a seemingly harmless scamp but he can send neighbouring scamps to other planet. Just touch the scamp.

- Colorful – this scamp does not care who his neighbour is. You cannot touch him but he is willing to go with his neighbors.

Game features:

- addictive physics puzzle game
- Several types and colours of funny scamps
- Individual features of scamps
- Five game modes
- Additional Bonus Game - "Who is next?"
- Funny and realistic Scamps sound effects and animations
- The use of the elements of physics
- Great playability

The Scamps game is a variety of classic games which, by combining elements of physics as well as funny scamps, will give you a lot of time of great and light entertainment!

Glowing -create fun animations

Give yourself some time to relax, using the incredible application named Glowing. This application makes it possible for you to draw simple and colorful graphics and create animated light shows!

Using the application is extremely easy!
Choose a color, put one point, place a second one, then third and even a few more.
Then click on "plus" to add other frame of your animation. Now you'll see in the background the previous frame and you'll be able to put more points (preferably in a different place ;)). Click on Play and you will see your work! Is it nice? It depends on what you drew ... but the undeniable fact is that you probably have a talent. You only need more practice or just have a good idea! However, if you do not like to draw, just watch and evaluate the projects prepared by others.

Glowing Features:

- simple and intuitive interface
- On-line gallery
- share animations on Facebook
- additional drawing functions (mirror, line, etc).

Simply create amazing glowing animations!

Big Pig - physics puzzle game

Big Pig game is a fun physics puzzle game with an original idea and execution!

Your task in Big Pig game is to build a construction, such a physics construction that could be resistant to the weight of a big falling ... pig. You have, at your disposal, a limited number of fun puzzle elements - boards, boxes, tires and any other items on hand. The items must be laid one on another ones to build the highest and most stable physics construction. The construction cannot be lower than the long rope suspended in the air. If you build a lower construction or a pig falls below the line, your task will not be completed.

Big Pig game reviews:

"Big Pig is crazy addictive and, just like Angry Birds, it’s easy to find yourself unshaven in your apartment wondering where the last two days of your life went. Love It!" -

"Amusing physics puzzle game" -

Big Pig game coming to Android from iPhone. You have to pass 48 full of fun levels in two different worlds. So make the dreams of pigs come true and make them bigger!

ps. Make it with fun!

Jet Space

Jet Space is a shoot'em up game based on an old and best shoot'em up games with many new ideas!

Year 2560, the enemy planet Qubus-5. You are the pilot-in-command of Venom-X spacecraft. What you need to do to complete the mission is to reach out to the core of the other planet Qubus-5. The secret reports say that the interior of the planet is the environment of underground caves, protected against the attack of alien civilizations. Your spacecraft is equipped with weapons, by means of which you can carry out massive attack. Any destruction of the enemy unit will be rewarded. As a result, you will be able to enhance your spacecraft. Good Luck!

Game Features:

- dynamic action and intuitive control
- combination of the elements of old shoot'em up games with many new ideas
- addictive endless gameplay
- beating top and daily records
- achievements and leaderboards
- game missions system
- in game shop with additional equipment
- inventory shop
- detailed game stats

BOX Crush

BOX Crush is a new approach to popular tetris or blockout games in wich your task is to clear the field of appearing elements. By incorporating elements of physics, BOX Crush will offer you a wonderful and absorbing entertainment.

Your task is to arrange and crush falling boxes. You can crush boxes in several ways - by appropriate arranging of boxes, which are destroyed under its own weight, by destroying boxes in the same colors or by using special boxes which have different properties.

COLOURED MODE - arranging and destroying boxes according to their colors. The more boxes you destroy at the same time, the more points you get. With time, you will notice simple wooden boxes, which cannot be matched to others. There will also be uncontrolled falling of extra boxes.

EXTREME MODE is a total destruction. Here colored boxes fall rarely. However, the more points you get the more extra boxes with new features will appear. Some boxes may destroy everything they encounter on their way and other ones may have something inside which will help or hinder the game.

Wood Blocks (Puzzle) for Kids

Wood Blocks for Kids is an application which makes it possible for you or your child to enjoy real fun and learn. This application involves arranging of colorful wooden puzzle blocks by your kids or toddlers.

The faithfully recreated way of arranging blocks is so close to the reality that arranging blocks is very simple and intuitive. Additionally, you can lock the rotation of blocks and view a sample pattern for arrangement, making arrangement of blocks easier.

Blocks for Kids includes 4 sets of blocks, which can be used to create a variety of buildings and constructions. Each set includes one sample model of building construction.

There is no limitation as to the number of blocks because each block may be used many times!

Arranged constructions are automatically saved in the gallery. You can go back to them later on, finish your project or completely rebuild your construction.

This application uses the elements of physics – if you drop a block it falls down and stops on a different element. Blocks can be collected and moved. However, you need to remember that any construction may be damaged or even destroyed, as in real life.

Holding a block by your finger, you can rotate it. If using this function is too difficult for you or your children, rotation of blocks can be permanently locked.

Application features:

- four sample sets of blocks
- arrange blocks according with the principles of physics
- you can use the same block several times
- you can see a sample view of block arrangement
- you can lock the function of rotation of blocks
- the constructed sets are automatically saved in the gallery
- edit the saved construction in the gallery
- nice music and sound effects while playing the game
- user-friendly interface

Funners - virtual pet game

Take Care of one of the Funners and play funny jokes on other players!

Funners is a world of funny creatures, for whom the most important thing is good fun and... playing funny jokes on other players!
In the game you become a guardian of one of the Funners and his fate depends on you! To make the game more attractive you can advance to higher levels, where you will meet a fly, spider, mole, and you’ll even see.. a UFO! A sponge for cleaning will be necessary if someone plays a joke on you. You can also give a high-five to your virtual pet. You will be blowing up balloons, smash bubbles and lifting weights... If you feel like having a rest for a moment, you can play one of the several mini-games.
Funners will be great game not only for kids but also gamers which love fun and cute games such as Tamagotchi or Pou and other games in which you can take care or hatch virtual pet, monster or a sweety creature.

Game features:

- taking care of a funny pet creature
- interactive fun, mini-games and sports
- playing funny jokes on other players!
- achieving new levels
- interaction with the environment
- actual time lapse
- shop with clothes, accessories, food, etc.
- game for everybody, not only for kids ;)
- collecting coins
- playing mini-games
- Google Play Game Services rankings and achievements

Lots of fun is guaranteed!

Funny Animals Puzzle for Kids

Funny Animals for Kids - Puzzle with voices is an application which will take you or your child to the magical puzzle world of animals and their voices. You can move to Africa, to the beach, to the village backyard or to the forest.

When you select the right set of animals, you can choose any of the animals and set them on the board. You can also add elements of the background such as the sun or trees to create a wonderful and colorful world of animals. After finishing your work you can touch individual animals and listen to their sounds as well as see their movement.

Ready animal worlds are automatically saved in the gallery, so you can watch, re-arrange or simple modify them later on.

Application features:

- four sets of animals and backgrounds
- intuitive selection and arrangement of puzzle elements
- interaction with arranged animals
- automatic storage of arranged sets of animals
- possibility of selecting the same animal several times
- possibility of further edition of the sets stored in the gallery
- nice music and animals sound voices
- good for kids, toddlers and their parents
- user-friendly interface

Burned Calories Counter

Burned Calories Counter application enables to calculate burned calories during doing exercises and varied activities.
The application includes the base of several dozen activities and exercises within saved values of burned calories. After choosing any exercise, the application enables, owing to an in-built stop-watch, to measure the time of doing a particular activity and the amount of burned calories. The program gives the possibility to review burned calories graphs. You can select many exercises from database or edit your own. Burned Calories Counter will be useful for those, who want to lose their weight and want to have good looking, fit figure, for sportsmen and the ones who do not know about the influence of varied activities on burned calories.


- 30 ready exercises and activities for you
- current,today and total time and calorie counters
- monthly graphs with burned calories
- possibility to share your activities on Facebook
- nice and easy to use interface

Included exercises and activities:
Fast running, Playing golf, Playing tennis, Skiing, Windows cleaning, Swimming, Slow walking, Going upstairs, Wood chopping, Riding a bike, Slow running, Typing, Curtains hanging out, Riding a motorcycle, Driving a car, Rowing, Dishes washing up, Floor waxing, Running upstairs, Mountain trips, Painting, Basketball, Cooking, Ride a horse, Intensive dance, Soccer, Work in garden, March, Ping-pong, Volley-ball

Snow Scamps

Scamps inhabit one of the distant planets. They are nice and hairy creatures you will like. Unfortunately scamps have one problem - their planet is under snow attack! Help scamps and send them back to other, neighboring planet!

Game Rules

Remove scamps of same colours by touching the scamp who touches at least one scamp of the same color. The more scamps you remove in one go, the more points you get! Remove completely scamps of the same (one) colour to get Color Clear Combo Bonus! Do not let scamps occupy the entire screen. With time you will see scamps in additional colours.

In the game you will meet individual Snow Scamp character – touch him to remove, be careful because snow scamps can beat their neighbours!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Pig Trip

Help fluffy Pig in a dangerous trip!

Your task in this simple jump&run game is to help Pig to jump through mushrooms which are on the Pig road.

Pig Trip game is easy to play but hard to win! Any runner, jump or a Flappy Bird type game fans will be happy playing in this game and beating own or friends daily and best records.

Pig Trip game features:

- nice pixel retro graphics
- simply but hard to win gameplay
- Googe Play Game Services Leaderboards
- Today and All Time records

Bigger mushrooms and higher speed in the latest update!
More soon!