Sleepy Sounds (Baby + Adults)

This app can be used to help your child / baby sleep. It can also be used by adults suffering with insomnia / sleep disorders.

There are 4 different options to choose from:

LULLABIES: The app will play a selection of lullabies to get your baby to sleep
WHITE NOISE: The app will play a soothing white noise, this is great to fall asleep to whether its for your baby or yourself.
NATURE SOUNDS: The app will play sounds of the forest. Great to sleep to an very relaxing.
OWN MUSIC: The app will play a selection (made by you) of music that you have on your phone / tablet.

You have the option to play the music indefinitely (until you decide to stop it) or you can set a timer. If you set the timer for 20 minutes the app will automatically stop after 20 minutes and so on.

When the music / sounds are playing your phone / tablet screen will show a soothing animation. This is especially useful if you are leaving the phone in your childs room as it acts as a night light whilst they fall asleep.

This app has been downloaded over 500,000 times, with great reviews. We make regular updates to the app to make sure that you always have a bug free experience.

The app was designed whilst our own children were babies, and tested on them :) If you want a sleepy baby then download this app

Please note: The only reason this app needs to read the phone state is to mute the sounds when an incoming call is received.

Potty Baby

Potty Baby is designed to help parents potty train their child.

It will alert you at intervals (defined by yourself) when you child should use the potty. You can also log accidents and naps in the app.

The app keeps a record of all potty activity, accidents and naps so you can see how your child is progressing.

The app requires internet permissions for adverts alone.


30DAYS - Fitness App

30DAYS gives you 30 day training programmes to follow. 30DAYS tailors the workouts to your fitness level. On day 1 you do as many / long of the exercise as you can, then 30DAYS works out a training plan for you.

At any point you can change the intensity level. If it's getting too hard make is easier, if it's too easy make it harder.

30DAYS can remind you the following day to do your workout, keeping you on target.

30DAYS is integrated with Facebook so you can share your achievements with your friends and get encouragement.

30DAYS will continue to add workouts, so there will always be a workout for you.

Tweetification (4.3 and below)

## This app needs SMS permissions to intercept Twitter SMS notifications ##


Tweetification is a small app that intercepts a SMS notification message from Twitter and displays it as a system notification.

** You need to setup Twitter SMS notification for this app to work **

You can customize which application launches when touched.

3rd party Twitter applications are not being granted push notification access from Twitter at the moment. Poll notifications waste your battery.

This app does not need to run, so does not waste your battery. It simply intercepts the Twitter SMS message as it arrives.

USA: This will not intercept Google Voice SMS mesages as they are downloaded as data ... if you configure your Google Voice app to forward the SMS to the Android SMS app, it might work.

This app has now been open sourced here:


DevDrawer is a widget based app for developers who are constantly installing / uninstalling / clearing data on their projects.

I find myself searching through the appdrawer everytime I re-install an application. With this widget you provide a package filter, when an app is installed and it matches the package filter the app will be automatically added to the widget.

From the widget you can launch the app or launch the app details settings view for the app to uninstall / clear data etc.

Contributions by Ronald Ammann, Wolfram Rittmeyer, Arvid Gerstmann, Igor Budilovsky, Jeremie Long, Hugo Visser

This project is open source:

Sleepy Sounds


This app turns your Android phone into a baby mobile / noise maker.

Choose to play Lullabies, White Noise, or Nature Sounds to sooth your baby to sleep. The app lets select how long you want the music / sounds to play for, and will loops until that time has finished.

When you start the music / sounds your phone will start a looping animation which will light up a dark room.

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Toddler Games (No Adverts)

Toddler Games is a selection of games designed to help keep your child entertained and learn.

Flash Cards: Helps your child learn numbers, letters, animals and colors
Memory Game: Turn cards to match a pair
Tile Game: Move tiles around to make a picture
Shape Quiz: Helps children associate the shape with the written shape.

The Games have various difficulty levels enabling your child to progress.

More games will be added over time.

Feedy Baby

Keep a record of how much and how often your baby is taking his / her formula.

Quickly add and store each feed, and view a full history with this app.

The Epileptic Gibbon Podcast

Discover new music with the Epileptic Gibbon Podcast App.

It's about music that doesn't fit easily into boxes, or in the cases where it does, the boxes are oddly shaped and strangely coloured. If you like the strange, the beautiful, the weird, and the wonderful then this is the show for you.

This is from the Epileptic Gibbon Podcast:

Dermace Pigment Guide

Welcome to Google Play's first Semi-Permanent Makeup companion application - The Dermace Pigment Guide.

We have tried to make the guide as informative as possible, and we've included features such as:

* Select your pigment by procedure type: Eyeliners, Eyebrows, Lips
* Select your pigment by your client's skin type: by using the Fitzpatrick scale
* For those of you unfamiliar with the Fitzpatrick Scale, we have a guide included in the app
* Keep in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter
* Transfer directly to the Dermace Supplies website to securely order your pigment colours
* Keep up to date with News and Workshop dates to extend your knowledge and skills
* Bookmark our Semi Permanent Makeup supplies site for the UK's largest range of consumables for your treatments.

If you are in any doubt in your colour selection, or it's suitability to your client, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Dermace Technicians and customers are the best supported in the industry - we'd love to hear from you.

Additionally, if you have any feedback on our app, please let us know. The app is designed for you as Technicians, so your input is vital. We will be updating the app over time to make sure it offers the support we demand.

Epileptic Gibbon Podcast HD

The Epileptic Gibbon Podcast

Discover new music with the Epileptic Gibbon Podcast App developed for Android 3.0 Honeycomb!!

It's about music that doesn't fit easily into boxes, or in the cases where it does, the boxes are oddly shaped and strangely coloured. If you like the strange, the beautiful, the weird, and the wonderful then this is the show for you.

This is from the Epileptic Gibbon Podcast: