CB Radio Chat

CB Radio Chat is a free entertaining live voice communicator/messenger with people around the world at high audio quality. Simply touch the blue button, talk to your friends and make new ones like with walkie talkie and Push To Talk (PTT). CB Radio Chat requires the Internet connection (WiFi, 3G, 4G, EDGE or GPRS) for audio transmition, (max 11MB per hour). No registration needed - use it instantly. CB Radio Chat is almost like group/conference call.

Feel free to test, rate and comment. Have FUN!

Make sure you have always new version of the app.

Does not work? Mail me

If you rate - rate the app not users.

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Animals Skin

Learn what animals look like. Do you already know all animals in the world? What if they looked different?. Wouldn't it be a fun to see a cow looking like a zebra? I'm sure that it already makes you smile. With this game you can explore unknown fields of your imagination. It is a great fun to "dress" animals with various of skins.

Entertaining game for children and kids. Learn what animals look like. It will bring you a big satisfaction when you "dress" animal correctly. Simply drag a cover and see what you create. Education & fun.

tags: game, fun, animals, zoo, imagination, children, child, kids, kid, skin, mix

Baby Colors

Babies love playing smartphone and tablet. They like when those colors change on the screen. You do not have worry that your baby changes some settings or initiates a call by mistake. Just start this game and let your child play. After pressing HOME button the app comes back automatically. The only way to exit is to write digit code after the app coms back.