Rebtel: Cheap and Free Calls

Rebtel is hands down the best way to make international calls on your Android phone. Call 20 million Rebtel users for free and pay amazingly low rates to call anyone else.

Why Use Rebtel?
• Super cheap calls and texts to over 100 countries.
• Free calls and texts to more than 20 million Rebtel users.
• No commitment - your first call is free
• If you have poor reception while using Wi-Fi / 3G, use our innovative Keep Talking feature to switch seamlessly to your regular operator network at no extra charge.
Operator charges may apply for the local part of the call and/or your cellular data connection.

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Sendly: Credit your loved ones

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Top up / recharge the prepaid phones of friends and family abroad with Sendly, the fastest and safest way to send credit in more than 70 countries. It’s so simple to use you’ll be surprised!