This app is inspired by the old Tamagotchi keychain pets from the 90s. What you do is care for a virtual pet like you would a real one, by taking care of its needs. You will need to feed it, play with it, wash it and discipline it. The buttons surrounding the pet are used to interact with it. As the tamadroid becomes older it will evolve, and what it turns into depends on how well you care for it. There are a total of 22 evolutions, can you find them all? Tip: Experiment with different levels of happiness, discipline and weight.

This app runs an optional background service, so battery life is only affected if the service is enabled. Without the service, closing the app shuts it down like any other. The pet's current state on shutdown is saved, and when the app is reopened it calculates what the pet did in the meantime. You can turn off your phone and use it as usual of course. By accessing the settings menu you can choose when the pet sleeps and wakes up, the desired background image and whether evolutions should be random, among other things. You can also pause the pet, if you need some time off.

*To those complaing the app has frozen: Your pet has died when it either becomes a tombstone or an angel, and you can no longer feed or play with it. At this point you should reset it.

*Translations are currently available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Norwegian. If you want to help translate the app into your native language, contact me.

*For those of you looking for a Digimon type of app: I am aware of your desire, and plan on making one someday. I'm just a student though, so due to limited time this won't happen for many months yet.

*If the app fails to download: The cause of this is that your credit card details were declined by Google Checkout. Go to and verify that your credit card details are correct, and that you have sufficient funds on your card. If those details are correct, your bank may decline the transaction because the transaction is not in your native currency. Contact your bank if this is the case. The app will not begin downloading until your credit card has been charged.

TF2 Spy Soundboard

With this app you'll be smooth-talking your way out of (or into) any situation. Be it a well placed comment or tasteful mockery, trust that the Spy knows what to say. The TF2 Spy soundboard has 48 different voice commands, and the ability to save your favorites to your SD-card for later use.


!-Warning- This app is designed for a very specific task-!

This app is of no use whatsoever without a corresponding bluetooth enabled device designed to accept the correct serial commands. So unless you know what to use this app for, don't bother downloading it. See my website for details.

This is just a small app which sends predefined bytes via bluetooth to another bluetooth serial module. Currently used to control a modified RC car. Construction details for the car are free and can be found on my website.

TF2 Scout Soundboard

Everybody's favorite fast talking, in-your-face, baseball-loving menace is now on Android. The scout soundboard has a whopping 64 different voice commands, from the beloved classic "Need a dispenser" to the gratifying "Eat it fatty!", and of course who could forget scout's trademark: "Bonk!".

TF2 Medic Soundboard

Feeling ill? Ill enough to see herr doktor voluntarily? I didn't think so. The Medic soundboard has 32 different voice commands, and the ability to save your favourties to your SD-card for later use.