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The Jerusalem Post is a brand new way for you to explore, read and share your favorite news from The Jerusalem Post. The Jerusalem Post app provides you with a customized reading experience and allows you to fully interact with the content you love.

Exclusive features available in the App:

1. Genie: Proprietary content recommendation engine that analyzes your interests and content preferences and provides custom content recommendation to you.

2. Personal Channel Explorer: The first news tool that lets you pick specific sections of interest from The Jerusalem Post into one slick reading environment. Select which content you want to see and quickly jump between sections with just one touch.

3. Social Channels: The Jerusalem Post app offers a community where members can choose to follow the Personal Channels of other Jerusalem Post readers. Whenever a member reads a news item, they can choose to share it via their Personal channel with the community, making it instantly visible to their friends and followers.

4. Social Sharing: The Jerusalem Post allows you to share content that you find interesting instantly via Facebook, Twitter, or email through our integrated sharing bar.

5. Browsing Modes: Customize your reading experience to your personal preferences. The Jerusalem Post offers both a linear content browsing and spontaneous content browsing.

About the Jerusalem Post App:
The Jerusalem Post for Android offers an interactive and customized way for you to explore, read and share your favorite news on Israel, the Middle East, and the Jewish world. In addition, the app also includes:

1. The Jerusalem Report: Exclusive articles from the editorially independent and highly acclaimed news magazine. Bridging the gap between Israel and the Diaspora, the Report features original journalism that casts a shrewd eye on the Middle East.

2. The Experts: The Premium Zone op-eds columnists make up a unique panel of experts, including Ambassadors, members of Knesset and business tycoons. Exclusive to Premium Zone subscribers and updated daily, our mavens analyze current affairs with an insider’s perspective.

3. Premium Content*: Readers can choose a monthly subscription to premium content that provides access to all of The Jerusalem Post Premium supplements: The Weekend Magazine, In Jerusalem, Metro, and others.

4. Exclusive Jerusalem Post print publications:
- Christian Edition: with news articles and opinion columns
- Dash: a youth magazine aimed at introducing Jewish teenagers to their heritage.
- Ivrit: featuring Jerusalem Post stories in three levels of easy Hebrew.

5. e-Paper: The fast, easy way to read an exact digital replica of the printed newspaper every day. Get all the stories in a 'turn-page' format from today's Jerusalem Post.

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