My Episodes Android

Shows which of your favourite tv shows that were recently aired.

Data is gathered from and it requires that you are a registered user.


v 0.3 added support to view all running shows simliar to "All-in-one!"
v 0.2 improved usability

My Face

An application for showing my face.


An application for automatically checking in to your favorite venues on Foursquare.


A simple game based on the old classic Astroids.

New game play through having to rotate your phone in order to steer away from the astroids while aiming.

Hold phone vertically.
Rotate to steer.
Touch to accelerate.
Shake to FIRE!

Pass The Ball

Will your team win? Be active and collaborate!

Pass The Ball is a team game that uses motion sensing to track activity. Each team has a virtual ball and only one team member can have the ball at any time. When you're 'on the ball', an activity tracker switches on for one hour, and only your activity gets added to the team’s score. If you think you've done enough, or you're no longer active, pass to any other team member and it will be their turn to score points!

The app's main page shows a timeline of the team's activity, and you can also add comments to encourage or discuss tactics with team members.

You can create your own team, or join the team of a friend. You join a team by asking for the team code, as presented to them in the app.