My Pills

My Pills - application for manage your pills (treatment). Excelent pills reminder. Helps maintain your health. You can view a history of treatment and medication in the past.

Key features:
• Pill, medication, medicine, injection reminder.
• Alarm for each time to take medication.
• History of treatment.
• Widgets for home screen.
• Reports for day treatment.
• Reports for course treatment.
• Reports for month treatment.
• Calendar of pill (medication) treatment.
• Information keeps only on your device.

My Activity

My Activity – a calendar of Your physical (sports) activities.
Program for planning and recording of physical activity.
Helps maintain healthy lifestyles.
Key features:
• Calendar of activities. Allows You to easily add and move physical activities. You can schedule and view physical activity every month, week or day.
• Graphic report. An illustrative graph of the number of physical training for weeks and months.

My Sleep

Statistics of your sleep. Keeps track of Sleep mode.
Functionality of app:
Convenient monthly calendar
Ability to save dreams with descriptions
Statistics on indicators: hours of sleep, hours of debt
Graphical reports
Different settings for alerts
Save to SD

My Football

If you play football, this app will store the results of all of your games and tournaments.
You can add yours own indicators for games and then watch reports for these indicators. Suitable for classic football, beach football and indoor football.
App functions:
• Results of all your matches (date of the game, your team, rival team, goals)
• Results of participation in the various football tournaments (date, name, place)
• Calendar of your games
• Reports on games (wins, losses, draws, goal difference)
• Ability to add custom indicators (number of personal goals, number of errors, number of offsides, etc)
• For your custom indicators generate reports and graphs