Octopus Balance Reader

First app to read the balance of the HK Octopus Card.
Once you own an NFC enabled android phone, you are eligible to use this app.

Able to read the balance offline!

This app will only read the data from the card. It will not modify any data on your card.

Thanks for your support! :)

Sound is emitted by the system, even after you uninstall this app. Android try to show you that no app is suitable to read your card.

FAQ please refer to

The old version Octopus cannot be read due to Android NFC hardware constraint. The card id of old version Octopus card contains no bracket and 8 digit only.

No cracking or illegal activity are involved during development process. All the reading feature is performed under the mechanism provided by the card system.

Google Nexus S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus are the only two devices that can be bought in Hong Kong and having NFC hardware.

Tested Device:
1. Google Nexus S (4.1.1)
2. Samsung Galaxy Nexus
3. Asus Nexus 7
4. Galaxy Galaxy S3

Sony Xperia S(Reported by users)

Galaxy S 2 HK version has no NFC.

Feedback report that the below device can run the app normally.
Samsung Galaxy SIII
Sony Xperia Sola
Sony Xperia S

1. Octopus is the trademark of Octopus Holdings Limited.
2. This is not an official app by Octopus Holdings Limited. I will not responsible for any lose or damaged that are caused.

Monopoly EBank

Leave me a comment to let me know what's going right/wrong, thanks :)

Upgrade your monopoly from human banking to electronic banking!
Speed up the gaming speed by using this app.
It helps you to record how much money is paid.
You can use your NFC card to act as the player's debit card to increase fun!
The internet balance sharing feature helps each player to view their electronic balance everytime using their own internet access mobile phone.

P.S. This is not an official app and not the monopoly game itself. It is just a tool to help game banker to record and calculate the balance of each players. Monopoly is the product of Hasbro.


HKDrivingWrittenMockExam contains 411 question collected form the Internet. It aims to provide a platform for candidates to test their skills on Hong Kong Driving Written Exam. In this moment, Only Chinese version is provided.

To user "shu kan" and "michael", free feel to provide me GOOD SOURCE OF QUESTIONS so that can help others.

German Bridge Score Board

It is not a GAME!
It is a tool that helps you to record and calculate the scores the players got in German Bridge.

LocaMemo Location Reminder

This is a Location and Time base reminder system.
You can first set some Memos in the app by specifying the alert condition in time and/or location.
Once the monitoring service is started, the system will try to keep check the conditions every half minutes and alert the user the reminders once the conditions are matched.

The program is in beta testing stage, feedback are welcomed to make this better.

Notes: SMS is sent by using your phone, therefor, please refer to your service provider for feds.

The information collected are used by this application only and will NEVER disclose to third party.

Go Out Reminder

Forget to bring your document while you are on the way to office? The app saves you from that.

While you enter your building lift, the app detects your level changes, and prompt you the reminder that you set.

App has Web edit function that you can set your reminder using browser and updated version will be synced to phone automatically.
The app requires barmeter in your phone.