A watch, a chronometer, a timer and a enhanced alarm clock in an unique app and with an original design.

Have a nice wake up with the light of your phone.
You can set an alarm with notification so you will be reminded discretly.

Features :
- Clock with an original design
- Clock widget
- Chronometer
- Timer
- Clock for the night with adjustable luminosity (just move your finger on the screen)
- Enhanced alarm clock with :
-- Choice between notification or alarm
-- Nice wake up with the light of the screen or the flashlight switching on before the alarm rings
-- Snooze the alarm by turning your phone with the screen down
-- Create type of alarm so you can configure once for several alarms.

yReless ADB

Use the Android Debug Bridge over wifi and get rid of wires !

After enabling ADB over WiFi, open a console and type:
adb connect [YOUR IP]

Features :
- Start/Stop ADB over wifi
- Jelly Bean notification
- Two widgets (1x1 & 3x1) to use ADB more quickly.

Your phone has to be rooted.

Based on Wireless ADB from MrSiir.


Android client for Selfoss self-hosted RSS reader. (http://selfoss.aditu.de/)

This app is in development.
Feel free to suggest ideas or contribute at http://github.com/yDelouis/selfoss-android.