Best ways to use formations in EA Sports FC Mobile

As you progress through EA Sports FC Mobile, you'll see mentions of “formations”. Longtime soccer fans will know all about these, but if you're new to the sport or new to FC Mobile, these might not make a whole lot of sense. Formations refer to the order and number of players on the field. Here, we'll explain five of the more common formations you'll find while playing FC Mobile.

4-3-3 Attack

This is one of the most popular formations in soccer, as it's proven to be one of the most versatile and successful ways to approach the game. The middle of the field is spread evenly across midfield and striker positions, and each of the three midfielders can either help with the attack or stay behind with the four defenders if they so choose.

4-4-2 Flat

The 4-4-2 Flat that dominated English football for years is best suited for a team who's good at the counterattack, or getting out on fast breaks after pressuring the ball away from an opposing player. The four-player lines on the back and mid positions create layers of defense that opponents must fight through, while the center midfielders can break out and help the two attackers as needed.

3-4-3 Flat

On paper, the 3-4-3 sounds like the most even distribution of players: Three in the front, four in the middle, and three in the back. However, only two players in the middle line act as midfielders, while the other two pivot between offense and defense as needed. This can sometimes leave the center of the field vulnerable, so use this only if your midfield won't need as much protection.


This formation places a lone “pivot” midfielder between two lines of four players, plus a single striker toward the opposing goal. The pivot, like the midfielders in the 3-4-3, can either add pressure to the midfield line or stay back and offer an extra buffer to the defense. This is a formation best used if you have a strong, versatile midfielder who can perform the pivot role effectively.


The 5-2-2-1 formation is the most defensive-minded formation on this list, with five players in front of the goal and two more midfielders supporting them. The other three players – two midfielders and one striker – provide the offense, but the two midfielders can play up on the center line when the offense controls the ball. If you really don't want your opponent to score, consider this formation.
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