Winning tips for Ranked Mobile Legends matches

After a few casual matches of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you might find yourself ready to try ranked arenas. These matches require a full understanding of the game, but even then there are some key points that can get lost in the excitement of jumping into the ranked pool. By following these pointers, you'll not only be a great teammate, but you'll also see the wins pile up in no time.


Whether it's using the in-game chat, emotes, or voice chat with friends, be sure to let your teammates know what you're doing before the match starts. The quick dialogue options will let you clearly spell out which lane you're taking or if you're heading into the jungle. Letting your team know your plans prevents two players from doubling up and putting you all at a disadvantage.

Stick to your role

Heroes are assigned roles and recommended lanes for a reason; each hero is most effective in certain situations. As such, don't try to reinvent the wheel in the middle of a heated skirmish. If you're a Mage, stay back and deal damage from afar. If you're a Tank, get in the enemy's face. Sticking to what works best for the character you've chosen is the easiest path to victory.

Take a balanced approach

It's crucial to keep a balanced strategy in mind while in the middle of a match. You don't want to charge headlong into battle with every single approach, just as you don't want to sit and wait for an enemy to do something before you react. Knowing when to be proactive versus reactive, and using that knowledge to your advantage, will go a long way in getting you the victory.

Don't overextend

Imagine this situation: The tower is one or two hits away from being destroyed, but so are you. Suddenly, a group of minions and an enemy player appear. While you might want to just take the tower down, it's better to retreat, recall yourself to base, and recharge your health. The damaged tower isn't going anywhere, and by recalling you can take it down and move to the next one with full health.

Optimize your item loadout

There are a lot of different items to choose from in a match and many different ways to end up at the big buff you want. Knowing the paths to these items is a great idea, as you'll be able to fulfill all of the requirements and get to the buff without spending time in the menu or relying on the suggested items. Items are a key element in Mobile Legends's success; don't forget that they exist!
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