Get ready for the next Partners event in Monopoly GO

In Monopoly GO, it pays to have a partner. Every month, get a chance to win prizes and multiply your rewards by teaming up with friends and fellow players in a Partners event. These limited-time multiplayer moments turn normal gameplay into a collaborative extravaganza as you and your teammate collect themed prizes and cash. Grab a partner (or a few) and get ready to spin.

A tycoon’s favorite mystery

The dates for Partners events are never released in advance, which makes each one an exciting surprise. From spooky cars to heart-shaped cakes, celebrate all of the year’s biggest moments by collecting special tokens for a chance to win a grand prize.

How does a Partners event work?

During a Partners event, four green plus signs representing four available slots will appear at the center of your game board.Select a slot to partner up with a friend or a random player, then play the game as usual. As you move around the board, collect themed tokens to spin a reward wheel for points and prizes – but only during the five days of the event.
More tips:
  • Each pair of partners shares a progress bar, so if one of you does well, you can both win
  • When you reach milestones, both you and your partner collect major prizes, no matter who earned more points
  • Use multiple tokens at once to get a multiplier for your prize wheel
  • Don’t be afraid to share the love – the more partners you have, the more prizes you can win, but you’ll need more tokens to fill the progress bar
  • Send your partner extra spins – and receive them in return – to increase your chances of reaching the grand prize
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