Compete to create the best MrBeast-inspired level

MrBeast brings his signature over-the-top style to Stumble Guys with new challenge-themed levels. Get ready to make this fun-fueled battle royale even more epic.

Check out the MrBeast Workshop Toolkit

With brand new Workshop features, you can now create your own MrBeast-inspired maps and courses. Try out elimination-style map features, moving floor tiles, and music-coordinated obstacle triggers. Throughout February, test and vote on your favorites, and the best level will win an epic MrBeast-themed prize.

Who is MrBeast?

Best known for his viral videos on Youtube, Jimmy Donaldson – aka MrBeast – is a hugely popular content creator. From giving away thousands of dollars to strangers to burying himself alive, you never know what stunt he’s going to try next.

Stunts in Stumble Guys

The first of several levels inspired and designed by MrBeast is now available in Stumble Guys. With more obstacles than any other map in the game, you’ll feel like you’re living out one of MrBeast’s wild stunts.
Are you up for the challenge?

MrBeast cosmetics & Stumble Pass

With eight new Jimmy Stumblers, you can play as MrBeast dressed as Willy Wonka, wielding a magic staff, or even riding on a sports car.
You can also unlock additional themed cosmetics with the monthly Stumble Pass. Unlike previous seasons, all skins and emotes you earn will be MrBeast-themed – so you can be challenge-ready when you hit the ground stumbling.
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