Diana, Megan, and Jenny always enjoyed their little vacations together. They always chose a location that fascinated them and they always had one thing that they would do together that was their own little secret. One time they went to Hollywood and drank a bottle of champagne at the Hollywood sign. Another time they went to Thailand just to visit an opium den. This time, they plan to go to New York City and check out the underground sex scene that they have heard so much about. It seemed fascinating to them that they could actually see a real BDSM dungeon together. It was this excitement that pushed them forward on their trip.  
Once they got to the hotel and settled in, they immediately wanted to see what dungeon would be the best for them to visit. What they didn’t know is that these places aren't necessarily open to the general public. It’s not like a night club where you can get your hand stamped and enjoy the night. It took them two nights of searching clubs and bars before they found someone that was willing to invite them to a dungeon. This amped up their excitement even more. 
Once they got their invite to the dungeon, they were ready to head out the door and see what it was all about. They pictured themselves being led around in the dungeon, getting the VIP tour, and possibly involving themselves in some of the things they get to see just to say they did it. They never imagined what was actually going to happen when they walked into that dungeon, and it was probably a good thing that they couldn’t or they might not have gone. All they knew is they were going to have an experience in their lives that they would always remember. 
Once the three ladies arrived at the address of the dungeon, they discovered that it was an unmarked door in a dark alley. They felt the beginnings of a twinge of fear creep into their minds. Their first thought was that they were being tricked and this was all a horrible mistake that they were about to make. Before they could decide to hightail it away from their, the door opened and a tall woman stepped through, glancing at each of them and taking a mental note of their weaknesses. She then motioned for them to enter and walked back through the door. 
The Mistress was dressed in all black shiny leather with heels that put her well over six feet tall. The girls stood there for a second and watched as she walked back in and looked at each other to see which one was going to go through first.  
“I don’t have all night. Either you come in now or you quit wasting my time and leave.” The Mistress called back to the three standing in the alleyway. They screwed their courage up and meekly made their way through the door and into her lair. 
“I have heard that you want to experience a true dungeon. Well, there are a few rules that you need to follow. Failure to heed my words will result in pain such as you have never experienced in your life nor will you want to experience it again.” The Mistress walked past each girl slowly, looking them up and down for any sign of regret they might have had about coming to her dungeon. “The first rule is pretty simple. No speaking unless spoken to. If I ask you a question, you will address me as Madame and answer with a yes or a no. The second rule is that you will do everything, and I mean everything, that I tell you to do without wavering. The third rule is that if you are uncomfortable or things get too much for you to handle, you will use the safety word of ‘raisins’. Have I made myself clear of these rules?” 
The girls looked at each other and said in unison, “Yes Madame.” 
“Good, now let’s get this show on the road and see what you three are made of.” 
The Mistress led the way down the hall and opened a door at the end. The room on the other side was filled with things the girls had never seen. It was both amazing and scary to them as they looked around.  
“All three of you will get undressed now.”
 Dan was heading out tonight. There was no question about it, tonight was the night that he was going to pick up the hottest girl in town and bring her back to his place for an all nighter. He was tired of working all the time, being in charge at a big company, and having no time for the ladies. So tonight he had planned out 2 weeks ahead of time. All dressed up… check. Phone on vibrate.. check. Condoms… check. Mouthwash.. check. Out the door. 

Dan then went to a club he had heard about. He heard from some friends that it was the best club to go to here in New York City. As he drove to the club he questioned himself. He hadn’t been with a woman in over a year. He had gotten a divorce because of him working all the time, and since then he has worked even more. He never went out with women, or tried dating. He did look at a few dating sights online, but he just never followed through with it. He didn’t know what was different about tonight, he just felt like he had to go out. 

Dan is a handsome man. At 6’2 he weighed about 190 lbs. He is built very nicely. At work the woman are always hitting on him, but of course he acts like he is not interested. His hair is dishwater blonde, and he has piercing green eyes that all the women fall for. 

It was 9 o’clock in the evening by the time that Dan arrived at the club. A few blocks away he could hear the music. His heart started to race and he thought about just turning around and going back home. What am I doing here? He thought. He wanted so bad to just get into some sweatpants and an old T-Shirt and watch a movie tonight. But no, he was halfway across town, all dressed up in his best tight pair of blue jeans, a wife beater, and a really nice red shirt that was button down, but most men leave it unbuttoned. 

Pulling up and parking, Dan still was hesitant. Walking towards the door, he almost turned around about a dozen times. As soon as he walked in he thought to himself, “this is a big mistake’. But he figured he’d have a few beers and then head home for movie night. What would a few beers hurt? 

Dan sat at the bar and ordered a beer. He looked around at everybody. Everybody seemed to be having a great time. There was dancing, pool, darts, and a full bar. As Dan finished his first beer, he began to relax. Then, as he was ordering his second beer, he saw her. The blonde bombshell. She had a knockout body. She had to be about 5’8 with long straight blonde hair halfway down her back. Her face and body looked absolutely flawless.

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