A smart, curvy woman who needs to change her life. A mature, guarded dom. An island BDSM resort full of secrets, ancient and contemporary.

This is romantic erotica with detailed BDSM and intimate sex scenes for women and discerning men over 18. It’s also a character-driven adventure novelette and the first episode of a serial with dark fantasy elements. Anyone seeking non-stop smut won’t be happy here. Anyone offended by sexual exploration that focuses on a woman’s pleasure, male dominance, and sadomasochism should find something else to read. If you’re up for an unusual BDSM reading experience, you’re reached the right island.

Cleo discovers she can experience the complete fulfillment of her secret desires. She has only to ask.

A joking email from my favorite co-worker leads me to a naughty site. Submission Island offers a free, all-expenses paid vacation at a Caribbean resort for qualified women.

It doesn’t seem likely the exclusive resort would accept a curvy, half-Egyptian, twenty-eight year-old with limited kinky experience. The application reads like a menu for perversion. I click off the Yes, No, Maybe activities and upload my most appealing lingerie photo. Hell, I need a vacation full of sex with no ties except the ones that get undone after a happy ending.

This time, I’ll go for having my erotic dreams come true.

Something happens when you face your deepest desires. You change. You can’t turn back.

I enter a labyrinth where I get to choose what happens to me.

I think a spanking will be safe.

My heart pounded. I stopped on the threshold, staring into the shadows. I smelled leather.

“Shut the door, please.”

His deep, resonant voice sounded familiar. That wasn’t possible. I bit my lip. It took all my willpower to shut the door on the hall that led to the exit. Shutting the door meant I was in here. Hell, opening it meant I made my choice. This was my one room for today. I may as well make the most of it. I let go of my fantasy that this was going to be a non-threatening experience.

The imposing figure of the man in the shadows was threatening as hell.

He had the bulk of a boxer, yet a refined profile. His ear, the one part of him illuminated, would have fit on a bust of the emperor Caesar. He had a neat beard, not one of those chin scruff things, a real man’s beard.

Topics: Erotica spanking, submission, male dominance, billionaire, dirty romantic hero, women's fantasy, adventure, erotic travel, sexy paradise, S & M, female submissive, curvy heroine, strong heroine, adult book, mystery, suspense, BDSM Erotica Series, sex scenes, role play, power play, submissive training, dom sub, secrets, Caribbean island

Note: This is explicit erotica with lots of men on one woman..

Brittani takes the bait...
I had a three-day notice to pay rent or quit. The ad was the answer to my problem. Someone needed a party hostess for 24 hours on a private island. With my catering experience and model looks, I could get the gig.

But when I set eyes on the man about to fly me to the island, I realized I might have made a mistake. The tall, older, arrogant stranger didn’t just undress me with his eyes, he used me right there on the pavement. Deviant desires seemed to radiate from him.
He pulled a black leather dog collar out of his pocket.
“Wait. You have to sign this before we do anything. Read it.” He handed me a contract.
The wind swept a bottle down the runway and blew my skirt up. It was hard to read with his dark eyes looking right through my underwear and into my secret places.
“This is a mistake. I didn’t know the ad meant —.”
“You thought you were going to serve canapes on a tray?” He chuckled. “No, Brittani. You’re the main course.” His eyes worked me over again. “And you’re perfect.” He handed me a pen that probably cost more than my laptop. “Just sign at the bottom of the page. Full disclosure, full consent. That’s the way I do business.”
“Can I leave?”
“Of course you can leave. If you leave now. But you don’t get paid if you leave. Once we get to the island, you’re ours for 24-hours.” He tapped the contract with his long finger. “When your service is over, I transfer $10,000 to your account and send you home.”
“$10,000?” I choked on it. That was more than generous. I scanned the contract again. It had long, dense paragraphs of disclaimers and waivers but not much in the way of details. “I’ll be — okay — when it’s over?”
“You’ll be okay.” He smiled.
I liked his smile. I needed the money. I signed.
He put the collar around my neck and buckled it.

If you like dark short erotica, kinky alpha billionaires — and no-entrances-barred hard-and-unprotected group interracial action with a white woman at the center, you'll love Q. Zayne's creamy story about Brittani’s scary-hot visit to The Billionaire’s Club. Click Buy and get the adventure!

All characters are 18+ and readers should be, too, due to language and sexual content. If you're over 21, enjoy the dash of interracial BMWW romance sparked amid all the juicy action. :) 


Curvy, half-Egyptian Cleo needs another spanking. Marcus, the commanding man who spanks so well, wants more from her than he's ready to dare. Voices from the ancient past exert a dangerous influence.

Please note: The Submission Island serial is for discerning women and men over 18. It's suited only to readers who want to enter a world of BDSM focused on a woman's pleasure and male dominance.There are many books catering to those who prefer non-stop sex performed by characters with no inner lives and no heart connection. This isn’t one of them. If a character-driven erotic adventure appeals to you, you've reached the right island.

Paradise has teeth

Curvy Cleo's second day on Submission Island offers a chance to explore. But despite the allure of ancient ruins, mysteries, and a choice of kinky pleasures, her body and mind remain preoccupied with Marcus.

He said she could ask for him, but she isn’t sure she should. She wanted a no-risk, no-entanglements vacation. But she’s entangled already—with a hot man who probably wouldn't look at her twice anywhere else in the world.

His big hand grasped my shoulder and turned me to face him. His lips grazed my forehead. “Cleo.” I heard his heart in his voice. Mine stuttered. He enfolded me in his arms. “Cleo.”

I felt so vulnerable, naked against his clothed body. He smelled so good, and he felt strong and protective, like he’d stand against the world for me.

Topics: Erotica spanking, submission, male dominance, billionaire, dirty romantic hero, women's fantasy, biracial heroine, multicultural romance, adventure, erotic travel, sexy paradise, S & M, female submissive, curvy heroine, strong heroine, adult book, mystery, suspense, BDSM Erotica Series, sex scenes, role play, power play, submissive training, dom sub, secrets, Caribbean island

This is the second episode of Submission Island. It features Cleo, a curvy twenty-eight year-old submissive, and Marcus, a wealthy, older dom. It's a complete episode with resolution of the immediate events, and the story continues. All five episodes are live. Get it now!

*This is hot, detailed erotica for women and discerning men.*
The doctor. Maybe it's the trust involved. Maybe it's his hands.
His kindness. I'm telling secrets. 
My car hit the gleaming sports car in front of me. The convertible looked green as money and my headlights created glare on the crumpled chrome bumper.
A tall man in an expensive trench coat unfolded from his crunched car. He looked me over as though I was something precious.
I had the strangest desire for him to take off his gloves and touch me. He had perceptive eyes and a mouth that could be cruel. I wanted him to kiss me until my lips bruised.
He handed me his card.
"This can be our secret." He glanced at my car. "I have enough insurance for both of us." His eyes gleamed. "Go to the website on the card and apply. My exclusive club is located on a private island. I think you'll suit us well, if you pass the physical. Are you all right to get home?" He handed me an umbrella.
"Yes. Yes, I am." I accepted the umbrella, not understanding why he gave it to me.
The stranger got in his car and took off. It began to pour. I opened the umbrella and looked at his card.
The Billionaires Club 

This is a standalone futuristic dark fantasy novelette rated 18+ due to language, sexual content, BDSM, medical fetish, huge interracial menage and mature themes -- including older man younger woman romance with pregnancy consequences! Contents may be triggering for some readers, Click buy and enjoy the scary-sexy show at The Billionaires Club! 

Owned for a night. The chance to fulfill a secret fantasy. But could I handle newly-released ex-cons?

Gabe looked at me with such gorgeous blue-green eyes, with no judgment whatsoever. I didn’t want him to go away. Once I stopped talking, I’d have to figure out what to do about the mess I’d just made of my life — alone in San Francisco with no family, no savings, and the prospect of losing my home.

“My life’s straight out of a sleazy day-time talk show. I made the predictable career choice of erotic dancer.” I glanced at him. He had the serene face of a Buddha, if the Buddha looked like a hunk with chiseled good looks from Hollywood’s golden era.

“I want to help you, Minx. The thing is, I’ve been recruiting for my private club for months, and you’re different. I’m not sure if this is the right opportunity for you.” He smiled again, making me weak in the knees. “I’d like it to be.”

“Just what are you proposing?” Given his discomfort, it must be something sexual. But no one as hot as this guy needed to recruit a mistress. Maybe he was kinky.

This is a standalone Erotica novella rated 18+ due to language, detailed sexual content and mature themes. Contents may be triggering for some readers. OWNED is the third episode in The Billionaires Club series. These books feature raw kinks and fetishes — including unprotected public submission to gangs of rough men. After she signs a contract, of course. Enjoy the first three books in any reading order.

SOLD — Party Toy #1

AUCTION—NO Protection #2

OWNED—Bare Show: Minx Submits to Ex-Cons

BOUND—Bare Innocent: Pia's First Time #4

CAPTURED—Wrecked Innocent: Sailor Angie #5

HUNTED—Athena the Fighter #6

The Billionaires Club Interracial BDSM erotica series includes huge size, multiple muscular Black and Latino men on one white woman at once, punishment, power play fantasy, bondage, hard bare action and more juicy things for discerning women and men.


This is explicit erotica for women and discerning men. It’s a dirty book. ~ Imagine taking your car to the shop and finding out you just came home to the place you belong. And the hunky men there share your secret fantasies. 

Curvy Lin has a boring job and a lonely life in a too-small town. All of that changes when she meets the older, tattooed owner of the auto shop and his buff mechanics.

The men loosened the ropes and turned me over. I took deep breaths, watching their excited faces. They were all hot for me. 

BTW, there’s nothing rapey or violent in here. Some of my stories get more rough. This one includes intense sexual surrender to an older alpha, foreplay, sweetness, and lots of lube.;) There’s bondage and mild BDSM, all of it consensual and pleasurable for Lin. All the attention is on her, no MM action in this story. 

This book is for discerning mature adults over 18. All characters are legal adults. Not advised for sensitive readers, or anyone prone to being offended or triggered by fiction. Contains BDSM, bad boys, alpha dominance, a hard and unprotected first time, instant love impregnation, sharing, interracial group action, a job offer that includes sex, and an age gap relationship. There’s no name-calling or abuse, although there is intense power play and kink. 

The intense, unprotected multiple use activities are fantasy only. This is erotica, not a how-to book. The fiction has no bearing on actual people or this fine profession. The author does not condone sexually auditioning potential employees. Anyone unclear on the difference between fantasy and reality shouldn’t read this. 

This is a complete standalone novelette with no cliffhanger. It’s wicked three-on-one erotica with scary-hot moments—and a romantic connection—to make you squirm in all the right ways. 

Adventurous readers, let’s go for a lube job. 

A dutiful daughter, tightly closed as a rosebud. A cursed, obsessed prince. In the enchanted woods, no one will hear her scream. Beware: This dark fairy tale passion has claws.

When a royal recluse demands a man’s treasured daughter as payment, his curvy captive transforms him. 

His aggressive courtship outrages Belle, but he needs her to break the curse that made him a lonely lion-man.

Unless he wins her heart, they’ll both remain prisoners in his remote castle. 

Only virginal Belle’s love can save their lives.

Note: Mr. Beast Owns Beauty is a standalone 29,000-word novella, with an HEA, safe, no cliffhanger. This New Adult dark fantasy love story is rated 18+ for language and high-heat scenes. The tale includes Mr. Beast’s point of view as well as Belle’s. Mr. Beast Owns Beauty was inspired by one of the earliest versions of the original fairy tale. 

Frequent top-100 erotic author Q. Zayne has published more than fifty edgy books since 2015, and has spent more than two years traveling the Yucatan and the Caribbean. Zayne's fiction celebrates sex, BDSM, dominant—often older—alphas claiming curvy women, ESP, fated love, ancient lore, and magic. 

Topics: paranormal with sex, first time, first love, virgin heroine, heroine in peril, Beauty & the Beast retelling for adults, women's adventure, romantic novella, Gothic, adult fairy tale, steamy romance, spicy, Fantasy Romance, adult book, alpha male, power play, fairytale retelling, coming of age, shifter romance, lion shifter, hot fairytale retelling, coming of age, alpha male, rough hero

Adventurous reader, get your copy to enjoy a werelion's love that culminates in hot defloration and making the royal heir!

 Romance and danger at a Caribbean sadomasochism resort for the ultra-wealthy.
She wants more than spankings from the hottest man to ever lay hands on her.
Curvy Cleo faces love's quicksand as her master awakens more of her desires. Marcus fights his past and tests her submission. Cleo's Egyptian blood and her bond with an ancient sacrificial victim attract an enemy.

Secrets includes detailed BDSM and intimate sex scenes. It's for readers who enjoy erotic fiction with characters who have inner lives and a heart connection. It focuses on a 28 year-old woman's erotic pleasure and growing love with a dominant man. Readers seeking books with non-stop sex or who don't care for introspective heroines won't be happy here. If you're interested in sadomasochism and love based on experience, you've reached the right island.

He whipped me as I danced. Soft lashes like rain delivered with perfect control.
“Good, beautiful.” He held the whip at rest, his breathing moving though his powerful body. “Show me with your body if you want more, and where you want it. Speak to me with your flesh, Cleo. Dance for me.”
I danced, exposing myself, giving him my longing, offering all the tender zones of my being for his whip, his pleasure.

If you enjoy character-driven erotic fiction, BBW & alpha love, or hot romance with supernatural suspense, you'll love Q. Zayne's new BDSM serial. Each episode has its own resolution and the story continues. Submission Island books are for discerning women and men over 18.
No: abuse. Yes: passion, suspense, spanking, whipping, male dominance, tough and tender alpha, heroine with self-respect, true love. 

 Come to Submission Island now.


Imagine a curvy Cinderella who isn't such a good girl....

In fact, her true mother and her people found ways to resist Conquest of their lands and magic. 

Now, Ash is coming into her powers. She wants out of servitude to her horrible stepmother. 

And she wants the local prince.

The bride-finding ball for that royal recluse puts her life in danger. Finding the disguised prince is her best hope.

But a mesmerizing and aggressive stable hand has plans for her...in the dungeon. 

Reader reviews on Ash:

"New Adult Fairy Tale fits like a glove. The sexy scenes are so much fun to read and very steamy. Although is not a long book and not my usual reading grounds (not such a fan of retellings), it was very enjoyable and I had such a fun time." Lady Elizabeth

"This is not your average fairy tale. It is so much better. I really enjoyed this telling. It was such fun to read." Rebecca

"Amazingly well written story and love it" Seafrana

"OMG was this hot." ErikaE

This high-heat Fantasy Romance novel is rated Mature 18+. It contains detailed strong sexual content including mild BDSM. Trigger warnings for abusive home life with the step family, abduction, and heroine in peril. Please note: This novel appeared under the title Ash.

This is a safe standalone love story with no cheating, no cliffhanger and a fairy tale HEA. 

Topics: paranormal with sex, multicultural romance, first time, first love, virgin heroine, heroine's adventure, biracial heroine, biracial hero, quest, recluse, witch, sword & sorcery, women's adventure, pre-conquest, pre-colonial, alternate history, romantic novella, adult fairy tale, steamy romance, spicy, adult book, alpha male, power play, pregnancy romance, fairytale retelling, coming of age

Get your copy of Ash the Witch & Her Prince now for a big helping of curvy high-heat love!

A shotgun-toting virgin. A prince who needs an heir. Breaking and entering. A sexy adult fairy tale set in the present time. A royal hero falls hard for a curvy ranch gal. And he's out for revenge against a dwarf who stole the family jewels. Will Prince Thorn and Red Rose fight over her mother's ranch—or create heirs to the throne? 

When the prince arrives to tour her mother’s land, Rose offers to shoot him in the ass.

But Prince Thorn needs her property for his plot against the jewel thief. And the spitfire beauty sparks his desire to take a bride. A night of breaking and entering could change their lives forever. 

Plucking Red Rose is a standalone 8,200-word novelette for readers 18+. That means it’s between a short story and a novella in length. Standalone, no cliffhanger. Beware: detailed raw intimacy and mature language. All characters are over 19. 

This wicked-hot, New Adult Fantasy includes royal dominance, eating out, a midnight caper, and a lusty held-down rough first time with hard and unprotected baby-making. 

Please note: Prince Thorn is younger than most Q. Zayne heroes, but he’s possessive, delicious, and well-equipped for pleasure. 

Get in here for a juicy, wicked session of let’s pretend and naughtiness. If you like hot fairy tales and wicked romance authors, such as Madison Faye, Jenika Snow, and Ellen Datlow and Terry Windling’s Fairy Tale anthologies, you'll enjoy this. 

Topics: rough hero, prince, royalty, first time, alpha male, billionaire, short read, Fantasy, Erotica, power play, feisty heroine, curvy, dom, male dominance, same age, romantic, contemporary adult fairytale, fairy tale inspired original short story, Western heroine, heist, peril, caper, women's adventure erotica, adult book, sex scenes, kinky

Get Plucking Red Rose now for a hard ride and a fruitful happily ever after.

I’m Gabe, one of the wealthiest men on earth, and I’m a monster. I use my psychic gifts to offer young women their hearts' desires. For a price.

I divine more about people than they know they’re showing. Some girls think I’m an angel, because I see what they need and solve their problems. The price: they come to my island and entertain me. I’m named for the angel Gabriel, and I own The Billionaires Club.

Extreme erotic shows get through my armor so I can feel. The girls come willingly. But I put them through hell. It’s all I live for anymore.

Until I go to a fight club in San Francisco. Athena steps into the ring, and I have to take her to my island. I want the stunning fighter for my next hunt. But she’s like me, she connects to an unseen world. I see who she is, and she sees right through me. I may have met my match.

Hunted is a Dark Fantasy erotica novella. It’s rated adult 18+ due to language, sexual content and mature themes, including BDSM and nonlethal hunting for erotic sport. After she signs a contract, of course.

Hunted is the sixth episode in The Billionaires Club Interracial BDSM series. Although the earlier episodes are standalones, reading Captured before this one will add to your enjoyment.

Please spare yourself if you aren’t up for interracial relationships, an intense, damaged paranormal alpha with psychic powers, an untouched virgin fighter from the inner city, scary-hot intimate and rough sex, mentions of violence, and/or emotional tough stuff.

BTW, there’s no name-calling or disrespect, just raw life and eroticism. Contents may be triggering for some readers. All characters are over 19.

This is a complete book. The main action of this episode resolves.

Adventurous readers, enjoy! Q

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