This full-color, illustrated handbook uses comic book-style panels to explain the basics of using a breadboard; then it walks you through ten fun and educational projects. You'll learn-by-doing as you study the circuit diagrams and colorful drawings, working your way through each project. Bonus features include an "X-Ray" drawing of the inside of the breadboard and a guide to understanding resistor color codes.

A solderless breadboard is the perfect platform for learning electronics, whether at home or in the classroom, because it can be used over and over again for different circuits. With the projects in this handbook, you will learn how to use a light sensor, a potentiometer, a diode, a 555 timer, capacitors, transistors, and more! You'll also be challenged to actively figure out what else you can do with the circuits you have built.

Learn how to build the following circuits:

Dark DetectorLED FlasherElectric CricketBreathing LEDBanshee SirenLight TheraminBlues OrganBike Signal LightTouch SwitchLed Color OrganAs you gain experience building the circuits, you'll also learn how to read schematics - the shorthand language of electronics. The glossary provides definitions and illustrations for terms that may be unfamiliar.

There's no better way to learn than by making things yourself. In this booklet you won't be handed all the answers. You'll be encouraged to experiment, and you'll be asked questions that you'll have to try to answer yourself. Get started with your breadboard experiments today.

Electronics is the perfect STEM subject because it touches on all the key components - science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Build your technical skills with this hands-on learning course!

Why would anyone want to roadhunt? Some folks might ask. A number of you reading this book already know why you would. A number of those who ask this question with shock and dismay will be landowners who ironically will have posted large chunks of property to keep everyone but themselves, their friends and family out; then sadly shake their head at the state of aff airs wherein roadhunting exists. The fact is that if there were decent access for all roadhunting would not exist to the extent that it does. But often times the people that bitch and complain the most about roadhunting are those that are primarily responsible for it. For some folks roadhunting is nothing more than a means to extend their hunting time while driving to and from their hunting area and/or something to do on days where there is inclement weather. For others, especially those who live where there is little to no public hunting land; roadhunting may be the only practical way to put game in the freezer. Landowners (contrary to what many of them would have you believe) do not own the deer or other game. Wild animals are owned (so to speak, if anyone really can own them) by the public; and you my friend are a member of the public. Many landowners feel that they de facto own wild game because it lives on their property, so if you must temporarily access someone elses private property to get what is yours, then so be it. I would freely admit that roadhunting is hardly the highest form of hunting out there; unfortunately a lot of us have neither the time nor money either to aff ord their own property or travel to top notch hunting locations. There is nothing that says roadhunting and fi eld hunting have to be mutually exclusive; that you have to do either one or the other. The author spends three hundred plus hours a year deer hunting in the fi eld or woods and some years are certainly better than others. Therefore when a gift deer comes along and presents itself by the road, Im not going to feel bad about taking it. I fail to see how anyone can be hurt by knowing how to roadhunt; whether you practice it or not is up to you, but you may fi nd the knowledge helpful some day when times get tough. Also nothing says you cant use what you learn from this book just to help enhance your deer viewing activities. Once you learn roadhunting its like riding a bicycle or shooting a rifl e; you never really forget how. And even if you dont care for the instructional portions of this book, hopefully you will fi nd the stories entertaining. A majority of this book has to do with roadhunting whitetail deer (with a chapter thrown in about small game) in Michigan. However the author would point out that he has spotted whitetail in eight other states and two Canadian Provinces. Also I have at diff erent times spotted mule deer, elk, and antelope. Being who I am, I couldnt help but notice that on numerous of these occasions I honestly believe I could have pulled off a successful roadhunt had I so desired. Although the hands on tactics, so to speak, laid out in this book are based on experiences that happened in Michigan, I fi rmly believe that they can be used almost anywhere. Some of the tactics and information contained in this book are legal in some places and not others; and some are illegal everywhere. Therefore this book should be read for educational and entertainment purposes only. Neither the author nor publisher accepts any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of information contained in this book. With that said; good luck and good hunting.
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