Any modern executive coach can teach you how to fire on all cylinders, be more productive, extract more juice out of your system, wake up at 5 and go to bed at 11, don’t be a clock watcher, stop the 9-to-5 mentality, get into a 12-14 hour schedule, take a cold shower, and burn yourself at the gym daily, etc. They insist that fame and fortune is possible only if you adopt such an intense lifestyle. And media also joins the bandwagon to portray such ever-smiling workaholics as the modern day super heroes. Bombarded by such scorching advice most people start believing that burning themselves out is the only way to live. So, they enter a world obsessed with speed, doing everything faster, cramming more and more into less and less time, racing against the clock, etc.

But what is popular may not be right, and what is right may not be popular. Now, what if I told you that by adopting some conscious laziness you can achieve more than what chronic workaholics can achieve in their lifetime? Or lazy people have an edge over others who work hard and are often suited for leadership and creativity roles in organizations. Wait, don’t go away. I am not kidding. Laziness is not really a bad and useless thing. Laziness is what makes us human but it’s one of the most useful but a highly misunderstood feature. The fact that this laziness feature exists within us means there is some nature’s purpose behind this that we are either unable or unwilling to explore. There is a higher reason behind all our human strengths, weaknesses, and biological features.

This concise book will show you how to exploit the unique power of laziness and adopt it to achieve stunningly more productivity and creativity than all the extreme workaholics surrounding you. Give it a try, you will be pleasantly surprised.

The Law of Attraction (LOA) has been a subject of curious debate over the last two decades. It’s also known as a Miracle Law and has been very popular worldwide, and has also created a nice cottage industry with plenty of books, coaches, video courses, blogs, newsletters, etc. But most books on LOA often use complex words like manifest, subconscious mind, abundance, endless possibilities, affirmations, vibrational alignment, creative visualization, etc. This confuses or turns off the average reader into thinking that such books are just a con game or flashy get rich schemes.

Secondly, most authors who have written books on this single concept of LOA have stretched them to 150 or 200 pages. Now when any seasoned reader reads such a book they will quickly realize that the author is explaining the same thing again and again using different words, sentences, and examples. This will be exhausting and also frustrating to read as it will take them on a long journey for understanding a solo concept. Now as a reader and also an author of many non-fiction books I strongly believe that books on any single idea or topic should not be stretched to hundreds of pages. Such thick books are only suitable for authors who explain multiple topics like forty eight laws of power, twenty rules of leadership, fifty ideas to make money, etc., but not for any single topic book. A single topic book should be short and snappy like a cup of ice-cream.

Hence, I have made this book as a simplified get to the point guide on the Law of Attraction. It’s designed to give the reader my helicopter view and interpretation of how LOA works, how to use it, celebrities who practice it, and so on. The information in this book is sufficient for a casual reader to dive in, quickly absorb the essence, and walk out with a fistful of knowledge of LOA. I hope you will find the book useful. Thanks for reading.

Hey, have you ever thought of becoming a dictator of some country and terrorizing its people for a few decades? Or dream of ruling the world by squelching free speech and crushing your enemies? No? Come on, don’t lie! Didn’t your mother teach you not to lie? Everyone wants to rule the world. It’s an inbuilt desire and everyone has illusions of grandeur and living in the lap of luxury. Don’t feel embarrassed to admit it. There are few minds to which tyranny is not delightful. Who will say no to the delicious opportunity of becoming an emperor of a kingdom, own a few magnificent palaces, a set of luxury cars, a dozen private jets, swimming pools, sacks of gold and acquire a few other basic necessities if given a chance? Who cares about what the peasants and commoners think? Aha, I knew you would be interested.

This is why this great book was meticulously and exclusively written for you. It contains a stunning collection of humorous and satirical steps on how to become a dictator of a country and rule it with an iron hand for a few decades. Everything you wanted to know about how to become a brutal tyrant, but were too embarrassed to ask is available right here in this concise guide. It contains the most comprehensive specifications for every aspiring dictator and this is the only book that you will need to become a successful despot. There is no need to read any thick and boring books on history, communism, and so on. So, dive right in and start your delicious dictatorship journey today.

Have you ever seriously wondered why our planet is oozing and dripping with diseases, terrorism, racism, wars, crime, politics, business headaches, and 1001 other problems? Or felt shocked by famous businesses suddenly taking a nosedive from riches to rags? Or baffled by the unexplained collective silence of the benevolent Gods from all of our rival religions? If it’s a big YES, then don’t waste time seeking answers from any reputed experts, enlightened professors, top economists, or by reading their superb bestsellers. Also, avoid those eminent Nobel laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, top economists, eloquent politicians, or any influential world leaders, in case you accidentally bump into them. They will only make your doubts worse with their spellbinding theories. However, if you are desperate to clear your nagging doubts then you should ask the Cosmic Machiavelli because,

He is the only brilliant person in the entire universe who knows the correct reasons for the chaos and problems on earth, and also why our world’s movers and shakers can do nothing about it.

He is the dream teacher you were eagerly waiting for since childhood who can effortlessly explain why that dullest kid in your kindergarten is now a successful millionaire, while that smartest kid is now in prison.

He has also scribbled a few books, none of which have won any popular literary awards. And without even a website, blog or an email id, he has more fans, friends and followers than every blogger on the entire World Wide Web.

He is the only guy who can enlighten you with the technical, political, and business justifications for the eternal dance of feast-famine, merry-mayhem, good-bad, peace-chaos, wealth-poverty, etc., around us.

Finally, without even a formal authority he can bring anyone down to their knees, regardless of geographical boundaries, political clout, diplomatic immunity or muscle power. Want to know who that marvelous person is? Just flip the pages.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Are you interested in the world’s greatest and easiest job? Do you want a profession that is too good to be true? A career so unique that it prescribes no educational qualifications, age limitations, tough trainings, work timings, or mental and physical qualifications for the candidate. Secondly, no other profession on this planet has the freedom, flexibility, liberty, elasticity, autonomy, uniqueness, independence, excitement, thrill, adventure, ecstasy, and variety that this unbelievable job offers. Thirdly, there are no interviews required and the pay check can exceed a million dollars or more. Forget the dull jobs that require you to slog 24x7 with eternal headaches like bad bosses, bad colleagues, office politics, recession, downsizing, outsourcing, etc, etc. And there is absolutely no catch. Sounds interesting? No, I am not kidding. Honest, such a job does really exist!

Just become a Modern Artist and start your wonderful artistic journey with this unique book containing a stunning collection of humorous and satirical steps on how to become a famous modern artist and earn millions of dollars by drawing and painting ridiculous irrational stuff that no one can understand. Everything you wanted to know about how to become an extremely creative person but were not sure whom to ask is available right here in this amazing guide. It contains the most comprehensive specifications for every aspiring artist and this is the only book that you need to become a successful modern artist. There is no need to get a formal degree, or read expensive books, or attend long stressful trainings on how to draw and paint correctly. So, let us get started.

The modern workplace environment has always been a source of comedy from decades, but very few people are willing to openly admit it. Many executives think humor and laughter are unproductive, unprofessional, and being serious and gloomy is the only way to spend their work life. This is why most modern workplaces have become extremely humorless, artificial and stressful. But we don't have to be humorless to run a business. Actually, the ability to laugh at yourself and your work are the qualities of great and successful leaders. Having a sense of humor can lighten up difficult situations and creatively solve many personal and business problems. You must be able to think in atrocious, ridiculous, and illogical terms. Modern management consultants call this 'thinking out of the box', but I call it old fashioned creativity and humor that has existed from centuries.Top Secret Business Humor is a collection of witty satire related to corporate stuff like processes, performance, change, strategy, customer satisfaction, meetings, quality, and other workplace dramas we endure for several hours a day. This book is all about imagining the creative and wackier side of working in an office to rejuvenate and brighten your day. The chapters are all fictitious and can be taken with a pinch of salt, though the paper used may not be edible. The author makes no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to the accuracy, usability or usefulness of the contents. So get serious about injecting some humor in your life.
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