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Books + Apps for Beautiful Photos
All it takes to elevate your photos from ordinary to awesome is a few pro tips and a willingness to be creative. Expert photographer Colby Brown offers a panoramic view of the Android camera app in this brand-new eBook. Here you’ll learn to take, edit, and share stylish photos in any setting, from portrait to low-light and night shots; create your own 360-degree Photo Spheres to capture a stunning landmark or landscape; and join or build a community of fans and influencers on Google+. Brown also recommends some of the best photo apps for Android and illustrates his simple, precise instructions with photos from his own camera roll. Add this handy guide to your Google Play library--or browse a wider selection of photography guides--and you’ll never be in the dark when you take a picture!
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Books + Apps for Beautiful Photos

BOOK: Android Photography

Colby Brown
Point, shoot, process, and share your Android camera photos like never before!

APP: Snapseed

Nik Software, Inc.
Read Android Photography to discover tips and tricks to using this popular photo editing app.

BOOK: The Digital Photography Book: Part 1, Edition 2

Scott Kelby
With this bestselling digital photography book in hand, you’ll be shooting like the pros in no time.


This top Android app offers expert-grade features, slick post-processing, and 1-click sharing.

BOOK: Exposure: From Snapshots to Great Shots

Jeff Revell
Learn all about ISO, shutter speed, and aperture to make your digital photos shine.

APP: Camera360 Ultimate

PinGuo Inc.
Add multiple filters and all kinds of special effects with this fun and easy-to-use photo app.

BOOK: Plug In with Nik: A Photographer's Guide to Creating Dynamic Images with Nik Software

John Batdorff
Nik photo processing helps you reduce digital noise in your images and impart a professional finish.

APP: AfterFocus Pro

Create DSLR-quality photos with easily calibrated settings for focus and background.

BOOK: Google+ for Photographers

Colby Brown
Show your work to photo artists and fans on the social network designed for image sharing.

APP: Photoshop Touch

Adobe Systems
A great app for Photoshop gurus that lets you edit on mobile and upload to desktop.

APP: TouchRetouch Free

Need to remove something (or someone) from a photo? Get great results with this paint-it-out app.

APP: Google+

Google Inc.
“The best of all the social networks,” says Colby Brown, “that puts an emphasis on the visuals.”