Some are called by duty. Some are called by adventure. All answer the call of courage.

Jump into seven full-length novels exploring the limits of space, science, and courage. Aliens, artificial intelligence, rogue governments, and galactic frontiers--you’ll find them all here.

Heed the call. Download this collection of series starters today!

Archangel Down by C. Gockel

Commander Noa Sato doesn’t believe in aliens. She’s wrong. In the face of genocide she must hatch a daring plan with a ragtag crew to save the lives of millions—and her own. Every step of the way she is haunted by the final words of a secret transmission: The archangel is down.

Anti Life by Allen Kuzara

The opposite of life isn't death; it's something far worse. Mission colonel John Alvarez must carry out one last mission, a rescue attempt. Unknown to Alvarez, however, is the hidden threat that awaits him, one that—if he cannot stop it—will doom humanity to a fate worse than death.

Allies and Enemies: Fallen by Amy J. Murphy

Born into service of the Regime, Commander Sela Tyron is about as subtle as a hammer. To hammers, any problem can look like a nail. But things aren’t always that easy—especially when Sela is forced to choose between the only life she's ever known and rescuing a trusted comrade.

Traveler in the Dark by Deirdre Gould

Sixteen centuries ago, they fled Earth. They've never walked on soil, felt rain, or breathed unrecycled air. At last, they sent exploratory mission to a new planet. It's ideal... but they are not alone. Struggling for survival, they must make a choice. Sacrifice another species or accept their own extinction.

Breakers of the Dawn by Zachariah Wahrer

Humanity has fallen from its once majestic place amongst the stars. Desperate for resources, they seize every available planet, exterminating their alien inhabitants. Sent to subdue an uprising, a government operative unearths an alien relic. The strange device promises extraordinary power, but can he trust it?

The Backworlds by M. Pax

After the war with the Foreworlds, competition among the Backworlds is fierce. Pickings are scant enough that Craze’s father boots him off the planet. Cut off from everyone he knows with little knowledge of the worlds beyond, Craze must find a way to survive and get his revenge.

Sky Hunter by Chris Reher

Terrorists plot to destroy a space elevator on a remote planet. Nova Whiteside, Air Command pilot, is caught behind enemy lines in a bloody uprising. The treacherous and illicit schemes she uncovers there make her question who, really, is the enemy.

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHORS Megan Linski and Alicia Rades create a fantasy paranormal world where magic wages war and romance is deadly.

Winner of Best Fantasy Book of the Year 2019 by Once Upon a Book.

Fire and Water don’t mix.


I’m Sophia Henley, your typical college freshman. I never expected a lion to be stalking me, nor for fire to come shooting out of my hands to protect my sister. Next thing I know, a drop-dead gorgeous guy shows up on my doorstep to sweep me away to a magical school, where I’ll learn to control my element and bond with a powerful creature called a Familiar.

I don’t believe I’m the savior of an ancient tribe, or the missing piece of a prophecy that’s more myth than reality. Worst of all, I’m forced to enter the Elemental Cup, where I’ll either earn my place in this society… or die trying.


The night I met Sophia, I didn’t think we’d form an undeniable connection. But I’m from the Water tribe, and she’s fire. I’m forced to push her away even as I’m falling for her.

I lost everything, yet Sophia makes me whole again. Our world is fixed on keeping us apart, but we’re in this tournament together. We have to keep each other alive at any cost— or I’ll give my life for hers. It’s pretty clear.

If I continue to play with fire, I’m going to get burned.


Over 20,000 copies sold. The Fire Prophecy is the first book in the incredible and breathtaking Academy of Magical Creatures series. This new adult college fantasy is packed full of laughter, romance, and extraordinary worlds. Experience forbidden love and found families at this supernatural academy for elementals full of dragons, unicorns and other magical creatures. Discover why fans of Harry Potter and The Hunger Games love this book!

"The story-line was incredible. I literally couldn't put this book down." -Jenny Bynum, Reviewer ★★★★★

"I truly recommend this book for anyone looking to get sucked into a world; to lose sleep; become depressed that the world isn't real but also enjoy a delicious read!" -Rebecca M., Reviewer ★★★★★

"I have no words for how this book made me feel. There is literally nothing else out there like it at the moment. You so need to read to believe." -Sandra Kaye, Reviewer ★★★★★

"Best book I've read in a long time! Since Harry Potter and Twilight I've been trying to find something as good and this is it!" -Sarah Cox, Reviewer ★★★★★

Now a complete series! Scroll up to start binge-reading today!

This series takes place in the Hidden Legends Universe, along with the University of Sorcery series, the College of Witchcraft series, and the Prison for Supernatural Offenders series. The Hidden Legends universe features college-aged protagonists attending magical academies, dual points-of-view, disabled and diverse main characters, and steamy, empowering romances. Each series stands on its own and can be read in any order.

This is a full-length novel over 400 pages. Recommended reading age 18+


Here's a Secret Other Authors Won't Tell You...


Day Trading is Hard and Most Day Trading "Educators" Don't Actually Day Trade!

You heard that right! They don't make their money from stocks, but from the chatroom memberships, video courses, and monthly subscriptions they sell to you! Before we get started, let me first go over what I don't include in this book...

I have no "day trading" chatroom which charges your credit card each month for a service you'll never use.

I have no monthly website subscription service for "more advanced strategies" that are needed to get started, but not included in the book.

I have no Lamborghini I rented to put behind me in a video, or fake money on a table in front of me.

What I do have is a book that will teach you how the day trading industry actually works, my own wisdom from being in the stock market for almost a decade, and strategies you can use to actually start day trading.

Here's What You'll Learn In This Book:


Chapter 1: The Industry - In the first part of the book, I peel back the curtain and go over the actual day trading industry with you. I show you how so called "pro" traders are able to fake charts, statistics, and trades to make it appear like they actually make money day trading, when they really don't. I then go over the tactics they use to scam traders, and even a website which exposes all the fake educators.

Chapter 2: Terminology - Here we go over all the terms you'll need to know as we progress to through the book. Volume, chart types, indicators, order types... it's all covered!

Chapters 3 + 4: Pre-Trading Basics - In these chapters, I go over the basics of day trading. This includes what software and broker to use, finding mentors who you can refer to for help, and what the typical day in the life of a day trader looks like. I then show you how to set up your trading screen, what time frame to use, and the most beneficial types of stocks to trade.

Chapter 5: Day Trading Strategies - This is the heart of the book, and where I spend the most time. In this section, I give you 8 different strategies you can immediately start using to day trade. I include detailed explanations, charts, and examples so you know exactly how to implement the strategies I go over.

Chapter 6: Additional Advice - In the last part of the book, I give you my final bits of advice. This includes how to increase the probability of your trades, using a practice account, and more bits of wisdom I have learned over the years.


I must admit to you, day trading is not easy and there is no guarantee of actually making it. However I feel this book gives you the best chance of actually getting started, as well providing a big picture of the day trading industry. If you've been on the fence about day trading, now is your chance to finally learn what it's all about!

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A murdered mistress. An accused mob boss. Can two detectives put their differences aside to find the real killer?

Angelina Bonaparte is starting from square one. After a messy divorce, the middle-aged librarian put down her books and picked up a new gig as a private investigator. When a mob boss heads to jail for his mistress' murder, she has no issue with the womanizing scumbag rotting in prison. But when the suspect's pregnant wife swears his innocence, Angelina can't find it in her heart to refuse the case.

Already reluctant to get involved, her frustration grows when she's forced to work alongside Ted Wukowski, a homicide detective who thinks a crime scene is no place for a woman. In the search for clues along the mistress’ long record of broken hearts and promises, Angelina’s natural charm is the perfect complement to her temporary partner's take-no-prisoners interrogation style. And before long, she and Ted can feel their grudging respect transform into an undeniable attraction.

To solve the case and catch the murderer, the PI and the cop must learn to trust each other completely before an innocent man goes to jail for a crime he didn't commit…

Truth Kills is the first book in the suspenseful Angelina Bonaparte Mysteries series. If you like fierce female detectives, unlikely partners, and nail-biting whodunits, then you’ll love Nanci Rathbun’s gripping crime thriller.

Buy Truth Kills today, and ride along with a hard-hitting detective who’s not afraid to reinvent herself!

NOTE: This book has been previously published with different covers. Please check your library to avoid purchasing it twice.

Romantic Suspense / Military Romance - A soldier's second chance at life. Her chance to submit.

★★★★★ “Hot, combustible, sexy.” - Amazon Reviewer 

★★★★★ “Laughter, love tears, suspense, and danger.” - Goodreads Reviewer 

Kathryn Chase never imaged saving his life would lead to her submission.

Jake Russo thought he could leave it all behind.

Being a soldier. And his life as a Dom. A brush with death will do that to a man.

Make him believe that abandoning the past would be his only future.

But he had one cross to bear.

Watching over Kathryn Chase . . . in secret. Keeping an eye on this woman.

Her unangelic guardian paying back a debt.

This Sinful Soldier Romance is a steamy stand-alone romantic suspense.

Lexxi James Books are seductive, suspenseful romances filled with fun, sensual, and sizzling high-heat love scenes.


★★★★★ "Holy Hotness!" - Goodreads Reviewer

★★★★★ "...a romantic, sexy read with danger, action and mystery.- Goodreads Reviewer

★★★★★ "Intriguing and Sexy!" - Goodreads Reviewer


This romantic suspense series includes:





"Hot, combustible, sexy"

"Laughter, love tears, suspense and danger"

“Wow! This book contains everything, . Drama, a bit spicy and an over the top alpha male ... fast paced...”

“off the charts sexy and there is a terrific mystery going on”


Fans of the following books and series are known to enjoy this BDSM romance series and romantic suspense:

Fifty Shades Series

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Freed

The Crossfire Series

Bared to You

Reflected in You

Entwined with You

Captivated by You

One with You

This Man Series

This Man

Beneath this Man

This Man Confessed

With this Man

Fixed Series

Fixed on You

Found in You

Forever With You


Fixed Forever


Fans of the following authors are known to enjoy this hot romance series:

E. L. James

Sylvia Day

Jodi Ellen Malpas

Laurelin Paige

CD Reiss

Abbi Glines

Carly Phillips

Colleen Hoover

Jamie McGuire

K. Bromberg

Meredith Wild

Nicholas Sparks

Nora Roberts

Pepper Winters

Willow Winters


Jamie McGuire

Danielle Steele

J. S. Cooper

Jodi Piccoult

Samantha Cole

James Patterson

Julia Kent

Jaine Diamond

Aleatha Romig

Helen Hardt


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From New York Times bestseller Lexi Ryan comes a sexy new standalone romance novel about a runaway bride, a single dad who’s sworn off love, and the kind of family secrets that can threaten to break even the deepest bonds.


You never forget your wedding day. Or the moment your twin sister pukes on your bouquet and confesses she’s pregnant . . . with your fiancé’s baby.

I wanted to get away, to hide until my heart mended. I found myself in a strange town with a mysterious stranger whose talented mouth and hands almost made me forget it was supposed to be my wedding night.

Afraid to go home to face my broken life, I pretend to be my twin so I can take her job in Jackson Harbor caring for a six-year-old girl. Imagine my surprise when I find out my new boss is my mysterious stranger—Dr. Ethan Jackson.

I never meant for Ethan to discover my secrets. I never meant for them to matter. But the longer I work with him and his sweet daughter, the harder I fall, and the clearer it becomes that I’m not the only one carrying a secret that could tear us apart.

Get ready to fall for the boys of Jackson Harbor in Lexi Ryan’s sexy new contemporary romance series. These books can all be read as standalones, but you’ll enjoy reading them as a series!

The Wrong Kind of Love (Ethan’s story)

Straight Up Love (Jake’s story)

Dirty, Reckless Love (Levi’s story)

Wrapped in Love (Brayden’s story)

Crazy for Your Love (Carter’s story)

If It’s Only Love (Shay’s story)

Not Without Your Love (Colton's story)

A new series from the author of the Moonshine Task Force Series! 

Laurel Springs, AL is about to be hotter than a mid-August thunderstorm. 

When the Moonshine Task Force is absorbed into a new entity, Laurel Springs Emergency Response Team (LSERT) new faces come to town, new love is born, old love is found again, and there’s a plethora of drama and romance happening all over the tri-county area. LSERT puts police, firefighters, nurses, doctors, K-9 handlers, and EMT’s all in harm’s way as they work to keep the area safe from any threat. 

When emotions are high, passions ignite. 

Come with me, back to Laurel Springs, in what's sure to be a wild ride! 

Ransom Thompson

For years I’ve wanted two things - to be a member of the Moonshine Task Force and to be the man Stella Kepler can’t live without.

One out of two isn’t bad, or so I tell myself. Being the only K-9 handler for The MTF presents its own share of obstacles, but me and Rambo? We make it work. Life is status quo, until I’m called in to help with what appears to be a hostage situation and Stella is right in the middle of it.

This is my one chance, and I’m not going to blow it.

Stella Kepler

When I’m stuck in an examination room holding a hurt woman and a man with a gun, I do the only thing I can. I sneak out, call 911 and hope help comes quickly. It does.

In the form of Ransom Thompson.

He and I have known each other since we were babies. Our mother’s are friends, our dad’s work together, and we’ve always been friends.

Only, the last few months I’ve started to notice things. How mature he is, how alpha he can be, the chiseled six-pack, and the abundance of ink spreading across his body. 

When I offer to cook him dinner for saving me, neither one of us know how that one moment will change the course of the rest of our lives. 

A sexy Vermont romance from USA Today bestselling author Sarina Bowen.

A year ago Hank “Hazardous” Lazarus had everything: a gorgeous girlfriend, a career as a freestyle snowboarder and a spot on the US Olympic team. Then a bad crash in the half pipe left him unable to move his legs. He lost his sport, his career, and the girlfriend, too.

He’s is in a bad way until he meets Dr. Callie Anders. Her quick smile makes him want to live again. If only she weren’t so cagey. He doesn’t know whether to punch the ex-boyfriend who hurt her, or thank the man for making her single.

Callie has never met a man who makes her heart flutter like Hank does. Every time she comes face to face with the bad boy snowboarder, it’s hard to remember that he’s off limits. 

Dating him would be unprofessional. Besides, he’s out of her league. But the struggle is real. And every small town that bad boys never play by the rules...

I love Sarina Bowen's deliciously sexy heroes! New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis

One of the highlights of my 2014 reading year.

Hank and Callie are an inspiration to love stories everywhere. HOT. RT (Romantic Times) Book Reviews

What a book! I’m always looking for different, inspiring, more in my books and Sarina Bowen delivers every time. The Bookish Babe

Sexy and heartwarming, Falling From the Sky is a story of redemption, trust and falling in love. Mandi Schreiner of SmexyBooks

Keywords: contemporary romance, sexy romance, medical romance, sports romance, snowboarding, Vermont, sports romance, snowboard, spinal cord injury.

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Carrie Ann Ryan comes a sexy new contemporary stand-alone series.

Hazel Noble has survived horrors she wouldn’t inflict on her worst enemy. Since then, she’s healed, found herself, and connected with a group of women she’s proud to call her friends. However, when they make a pact to start looking for love, Hazel finds herself not only up first but also forced to face a past she thought she’d escaped.

Cross Brady has no need for a relationship. As the oldest of five, he’s always been the one his family can rely on. Now, all he wants is to work in peace and live his life. His priorities shift dramatically, though, when Cross finds himself in Hazel’s path.

Though the two initially fight their connection, they soon learn that it’s safer to fall for each other than keep running from what’s holding them back—not to mention, who wants them dead.


Read what others are saying about New York Times bestselling author, Carrie Ann Ryan:

“Count on Carrie Ann Ryan for emotional, sexy, character driven stories that capture your heart!” – Carly Phillips, NY Times bestselling author

“Carrie Ann Ryan’s romances are my newest addiction! The emotion in her books captures me from the very beginning. The hope and healing hold me close until the end. These love stories will simply sweep you away.” ~ NYT Bestselling Author Deveny Perry

“Carrie Ann Ryan writes sexy emotional romances that'll make you cry and fan yourself from the heat, especially because of all that sexy ink.”

–#1 NYT Bestselling Author Lauren Blakely

 “Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop! This is definitely going in my re-read pile!” 

–NYT Bestselling Author Susan Stoker

"Carrie Ann Ryan writes the perfect balance of sweet and heat ensuring every story feeds the soul." - Audrey Carlan, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

“Carrie Ann Ryan never fails to draw readers in with passion, raw sensuality, and characters that pop off the page. Any book by Carrie Ann is an absolute treat.” – New York Times Bestselling Author J. Kenner 

“Carrie Ann Ryan knows how to pull your heartstrings and make your pulse pound! Her wonderful Redwood Pack series will draw you in and keep you reading long into the night. I can’t wait to see what comes next with the new generation, the Talons. Keep them coming, Carrie Ann!” –Lara Adrian, New York Times bestselling author of CRAVE THE NIGHT

"With snarky humor, sizzling love scenes, and brilliant, imaginative worldbuilding, The Dante's Circle series reads as if Carrie Ann Ryan peeked at my personal wish list!" – NYT Bestselling Author, Larissa Ione

"Carrie Ann Ryan writes sexy shifters in a world full of passionate happily-ever-afters." – New York Times Bestselling Author Vivian Arend

“Carrie Ann’s books are sexy with characters you can’t help but love from page one. They are heat and heart blended to perfection.” New York Times Bestselling Author Jayne Rylon

Carrie Ann Ryan's books are wickedly funny and deliciously hot, with plenty of twists to keep you guessing. They'll keep you up all night!” USA Today Bestselling Author Cari Quinn

"Once again, Carrie Ann Ryan knocks the Dante's Circle series out of the park. The queen of hot, sexy, enthralling paranormal romance, Carrie Ann is an author not to miss!" New York Times bestselling Author Marie Harte

Read the Entire PROMISE ME Series:

Forever Only Once

From That Moment

Far From Destined

From Our First


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Other readers of Carrie Ann Ryan’s books enjoyed books by: Corinne Michaels, Susan Stoker, Natasha Madison, Chelle Bliss, Chelle Sloane, Sally Thorn, Christina Lauren, Colleen Hoover, Talia Hipbert, Helena Hunting, Elle Kennedy, Kristen Callihan, Penny Reid, Kristen Ashley, KA Tucker, Melissa Foster, Bella Andre, Piper Lawson, Jean Oram, Sarina Bowen, and Jay Crownover

This Cinderella’s not at the ball to dance. He’s a prince in disguise searching for a magic pumpkin that might be the key to saving his kingdom.

Trained as a spy, Prince Asher is confident in his skills. The task is simple, after all. Sneak into the Royal Ball of Glicien, uncover magic secrets the royal family has concealed for years, then escape before anyone is the wiser. But Ash didn't plan on Princess Beatrix getting in his way at every turn.

Bea has striven to be the perfect daughter and heir since tragedy drove her sisters into exile. Now the king's failing health has left the kingdom vulnerable to political schemes. To protect Glicien and ease her dying father's fears, Bea must choose a consort. Soon. Unfortunately, only two men catch her attention. The unsuitable and secretive gardener. And the masked nobleman who ran from the ball before she even got his name.

When a magic heirloom goes missing, Bea discovers the two men are really the same person. And he's the thief. Can she trust Ash to help her save her kingdom and her father? Or will he steal away with her heart, as well as her secrets, to rescue his own parents from the cruel curse of the Grey Enchantress?

If your looking for a clean fantasy romance featuring dragon-shifters, fierce princesses, adventure, magic and happily-ever-after, don't miss the entire Dragon Ever After series of re-imagined fairy tales.

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The most loss happens to those who never think about loss. The best success comes to those who accept every result of their work. We don't have time or we don't schedule our time. There’s a big difference. 

Do you ever feel astonished that how most popular celebrities including Jeff Bezos, J.K. Rowling, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, and many more do the highly rugged work efficiently and in a very peaceful manner? When we were playing with toys, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook and became a billionaire in no time. You know, being highly productive is like to utilize our genuine potential. Most people don't know their actual potential because they never utilized it like hell in their work. Humans can work round the clock until they are exhausted.  If we waste four hours a day, it means we are losing double hours of productivity.

If pain is passing in your life, don't stick to it. Let it go as rapid as it can. If pleasure is passing in your life, grab the moment and hold it. 

The Rules of being Highly Productive book will teach you the best lessons of your Life including: 

★Four Dots of being Highly Productive

★How to Fool your Mind with 125% Rule

★The Ordinary Rules of Extraordinary People

★How to enjoy Money & Life consistently

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★The Art of Work

★How to Protect Time in Unique Ways

★The Habits of Strict People

★How to Waste your Time!

★The Methods of Night Owls 

It's not about waking up at 5 AM but critical is, what you do at 5 AM. It's not about how early you go to bed but how peacefully you sleep with your time.


Aodhan Adrastos is the greatest Dardaptoan vampire warrior to have ever lived. Legends have been written about his heroics in battle. So why is a warrior like him hunting a human female of less than thirty years?


But revenge feels cold and wrong once he gets a good look at the human he is supposed to kill...


Mallory Taniss had been a victim before—because of her grandfather’s evil choices. She barely survived that horrific attack. The nightmare is about to happen all over again. 

Before Mallory can escape, she’s abducted by a vampire claiming she’s the mate he’s been destined to find. A vampire who came to kill her—but has just changed his mind.


Aodhan takes one look at the fiery but terrified Mallory and knows there is no way in the three hells he’ll ever let anyone—human or vampire—harm her ever again. 

Mallory’s swept up into a world she can’t understand—and she has just one ally among the Dardaptoans. 

   —The vampire who wants her for his own.

Mallory is left with no choice but to trust him. Or she and the younger sister she’ll die to protect will pay the price for her grandfather’s sins once again.

★★★★★★ Previously published in 2013 as the novel The Warrior's Woman, book 4 in the Dardanos PNR series. The book has been updated and expanded in 2020. Watch for more Dardanos titles relaunching in 2020/2021.★★★★★★

Her Cowboy Wishes

Caitlyn was a barrel racer moving up in the rodeo circuit until her dad, well-known bull rider Ames Raider died in a horrible accident.

Now, she is trying to put her life back together pursuing a nursing degree to forget her past life. But they say... "once bitten by the rodeo bug, you never quite get rid of it," and so she still makes time at the vast 10,000 acres estate of Ruth Ann Whitehead. She helps out riding horses and even carries out a children’s training session for several community children barrel racing once a week. 

Sam Hayden is the son of Army Hayden, who was a lifetime friend of Ames. The families go way back, and even after the death of her father, Sam and Army check in whenever they are in Sage, Wyoming. Sam has long had a thing for Caitlyn, but she is focused on moving away from this life and starting over someplace that doesn’t remind her of all her loss. Her momma had left her with Ames years ago, headed back to civilization herself, and Sam couldn’t risk loving someone that was always looking to move on – or at least he tried not to. 

One note is about to change everything, though – when Caitlyn’s sincere secret wish is fulfilled, and her dreams of the future take shape once again, she will be left with one important choice to make, will she make the right one?

Books in Cowboy Wishes Series


Book 1: Her Cowboy Wishes

Book 2: Melancholy Wishes

Book 3: Improbable Wishes

Book 4: Kindred Wishes

Book 5: Unexpected Wishes

Bundle: Complete Boxset


Perfect For readers who love Debbie Macomber, Diana Palmer, Debra Clopton, Samantha Chase, Melody Grace, Annie Rains, Carolyn Brown, Maisy Yates, Cora Seton, Kate Pearce, Vivian Arend, Kelly Elliott, Jennifer Ryan, Linda Leal Miller, Kristine Raymond, Nicholas sparks, Nora Roberts, Julia Quinn, Lexi Ryan, L.G. Castillo, B.J. Daniels, SJ McCoy, Lisa Mondello, Jennifer Ryan, and Larry McMurtry


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This cookbook contains delicious keto chicken recipes. It also has a chapter on keto diet hacks to simplify your life.

Here is a sample recipe from the cookbook:


Prep/cooking time: 40 minutes

Serving yield: 4


Chicken patties

1. Twenty oz. of ground chicken.

2. 1 egg.

3. A half grated or finely chopped yellow onion.

4. One teaspoon of kosher or ground sea salt as desired.

5. A half teaspoon of ground black pepper to taste.

6. One teaspoon of dried thyme or crushed coriander seed as desired.

7. Two oz. of butter, for frying.

Fried cabbage

1. One and a half lbs. of green cabbage.

2. Three oz. of butter.

3. One teaspoon of salt.

4. A half teaspoon of ground black pepper.

Whipped tomato butter

1. Four oz. of butter.

2. One tablespoon of tomato paste.

3. One teaspoon of red wine vinegar which is optional.

4. Sea salt and pepper to taste.


1. Preheat the oven to two hundred and twenty degrees F then using a large mixing bowl, add in

all the ingredients for the patties then mix properly to combine. Make six to eight patties out of

the mixture then set aside.

2. Place a non-stick skillet over medium heat then add in the butter. Once the butter melts, ad in

the patties in batches and fry for a few minutes until it becomes golden brown and fully cooked.

Place the cooked patties in the oven to keep warm.

3. Use a sharp knife to shred the cabbage then set aside. Place a non-stick skillet over medium heat

then add in the butter. Once the butter melts, add in the cabbage then fry for a few minutes

until it becomes brown on the edges. Don't forget to stir occasionally. Towards the end of the

cooking, season the cabbage with salt and pepper to taste then decrease the heat towards the


4. Using a small mixing bowl, add in all the ingredients for the tomato butter then mix properly

using an electric hand mixer. Place the chicken patties and fried cabbage on a clean serving

plate then add the tomato butter on top and serve.


Calories 743, Net carbohydrates: 4 % (8 g), Fiber: 5 g, Fat: 79 % (65 g), and Protein: 17 % (31 g)

Dragonhold's secrets come at a steep price.
No one knew just how many mysteries the ancient mountain keep held. None could have guessed what they would find so far underground, locked away from the world. Many would wish they had never found it. For others, long awaited retribution is at hand.

This epic fantasy series includes:

The Dawning of Power trilogy: Call of the Herald (*Free ebook), Inherited Danger, Dragon Ore

The Balance of Power trilogy: Regent, Feral, Regal

The Artifacts of Power trilogy: The Fifth Magic, Dragonhold, The Seventh Magic

Dragon Airways




“I have ripped through the first three books in this series, and I'm hooked.” - Keith Hughes via Goodreads

“The story line is easy to follow and is exciting also very consistent through out all of the books.” - Joan Wiffen via Google Play Books

“Loved it! Great scope, wonderful characters, and a ripping good yarn! More please!” - Gil Cassier via Google Play Books

“A great story with characters that become your friends.” - Gillian Garner via Google Play Books

“I've loved the whole series! There is suspense, action, adventure and the characters grab you. Social and moral content to make you think also. Great series.” - Diana Porter via Google Play Books

Fans of the following books and series are known to enjoy this epic fantasy series:

Dragonlance Chronicles

Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Dragons of Spring Dawning

Dragons of Winter Night

Shattered A Ya Urban Fantasy Novel

Torn A Ya Urban Fantasy Novel

Darkest Designs

Dragons of Pern

Dragons of Eden

Harry Potter

A Wrinkle In Time

The Chronicles of Narnia

Dragons Rioting

Game of Thrones

Rise of the Dragons

A Quest of Heroes


Magic of Recluce

The Mallorean

The Belgariad

The Elenium

Shannara Chronicles

Sword of Shannara

Elfstones of Shannara

Magic Tree House

Dragonriders of Pern

Assassin's Apprentice

Fans of the following authors are known to enjoy this young adult fantasy series:

JRR Tolkien

David Eddings

Terry Brooks

Glen G. Thater

Daniel Arenson

L.R.W. Lee

Robin Hobb

Peter V. Brett

C.S. Lewis

R.A. Salvatore

Joe Abercrombie

Morgan Rice

Lindsay Buroker

Anne McCaffrey

Scott Sigler

Christopher Paolini

J. K. Rowling

Brandon Sanderson

Taran Matharu

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Michael J. Sullivan

Mark Lawrence

Fritz Leiber


Patrick Rothfuss

Brandon Sanderson

Scott Lynch

Marion Zimmer Bradley

R. Scott Bakker

Robert Jordan

Brent Weeks

Stephen Donaldson




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 Revenge is best served sweet with a hot, horned alien

Free-spirited pastry chef Lexi Sutterman has discovered that true love is pie in the sky. The only thing more difficult than finding an Earth man willing to commit is pleasing her wealthy, hypercritical family who view her as a failure. So she's given up on both, focusing her energy on her new bakery. Now that her uber-successful little sister manages to nab a well-heeled fiancé, Lexi fights back by joining the Intergalactic Dating Agency. She plans to bring a huge, purple, tentacled alien as her plus-one to the wedding.

Darak of planet Dakon isn't purple or tentacled—he's just seven feet of horned alien hotness. To get a woman on his world, a guy has to literally win the lottery. Tired of waiting for the Fates to send him a female, he joins the dating service to meet a nice Earth girl to call his own. He recognizes Lexi as his true mate, but realizes convincing her they're meant to be together forever and not just a weekend will be no cake walk.

When a sweet-tart pastry chef and a horned alien hottie fall in love, everyone might get their just desserts…

* * * *

Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides is a new science fiction romance series and a spin-off from the Alien Mate series. In the Alien Mate books, Earth women travel to planet Dakon to become the mail order brides of aliens. In this new series, the Dakonians come to Earth through the Intergalactic Dating Agency to find their human mates. Get all three books: Darak, Aton & Caid.

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