Matthew Paine Mysteries

5 books

Matthew was the last person to have heard from her alive...

His alluring new patient with an odd ailment who was murdered.

Might he have been on the scene when she was killed?

Dr. Matthew Paine resents being suspected by the stoic detective who shows up in his office to question him. The young physician struggles against getting drawn into the investigation.

But when he is targeted and his carefully crafted world of peaceful solitude is threatened, he determines to fight back to protect himself and those he loves.

What could the killer possibly want from him?

Delving into the victim's past paints a confusing picture of a trust funded party girl, an heiress, and a philanthropist. Matthew determines that she must have been some of all of that, complex but elusive.

Can Matthew's analytical medical mind organize the sparse and disparate facts in a way that makes any sense at all to catch a killer before he strikes again?

You’ll love Dead Spots – the first book in Lee Clark’s Matthew Paine Mystery series – because who doesn't get lost in the suspense and drama of a classic whodunit mystery?

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