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FUNPIK's TOPIK Preparation Book 2022-2023: TOPIK Pass Level 1 - Reading [Includes the mobile app question bank & YouTube video lectures]

This self-study book is designed to help test takers achieve an intended score through an outcome-based prep approach. Attack TOPIK's Reading section by question type and understand the logical relationship between each question's embedded principles and the correct answer. Get access to relevant in-depth video lectures and the mobile app question bank via QR codes in each chapter.

This self-study book includes:

Intro: Letter, How to Use This Book, Table of Contents, TOPIK Test Information

Strategies: List of Reading Question Types, Study Plans, Self-Assessment Table

Self-Diagnosis Test

Subarea I - Inferring the main idea (1 question type)

Subarea II - Understanding the context (5 question types)

Subarea III - Understanding the details (4 question types)

Subarea IV - Level 1 Reading Mock Test (3 sets)

Subarea V - Answers and detailed explanations

You can complete the level 1 Reading prep solely with this book. Purchase it today to receive access to the following:

TOPIK Level 1 Reading self-study book

QR code references to relevant additional questions on mobile app (Android/iOS)

QR code references to relevant in-depth lectures (YouTube)