Galactic Pirate Brides

6 books

He's a pirate out for revenge ... She's an unexpected part of the loot

An evil corporation ruthlessly destroyed Qaiyaan's home planet and left his species without females. Now he and his crew prowl the stars in search of vengeance. When they rescue a beautiful human female from her cryogenic slumber, she awakens primal urges in QaiyaanÕs soul he never thought heÕd feel again.Ê




But claiming Lisa isnÕt an option. Humans are too fragile to withstand the mating bond of his species. Yet despite the forbidden attraction, their passion burns brighter with each passing moment, and Qaiyaan begins to suspect that Lisa is not what she seems.Ê

Then he discovers she carries a secret that could change the fate of his people forever - if she can survive the processÉ

With heart-pounding action, scorching romance, and a love that defies all boundaries, Qaiyaan and Lisa's story is a must-read for fans of alien romance. Don't miss out on this thrilling adventure through the stars!

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