120 Days

2015 • 79 minutes
11 reviews
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About this movie

Facing a 4-month “voluntary” deportation order, undocumented immigrant Miguel Cortes has 120 days to decide between leaving his wife and 2 daughters in the US alone, or changing his name and becoming a fugitive to keep his family together.

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11 reviews
Ellie Bergman
October 15, 2015
I was able to watch this film in the intimate atmosphere of the Varsity Theatre in Chapel Hill - an atmosphere that allowed the audience to share their emotions with one another both during and after the filming. The family featured in this film embodies everything that the American family has come to represent - a family dedicated to one another, dedicated to their faith, dedicated to their community! A family that knows the value of hard work and a good education! The only problem is - it is a family that we Americans are apparently only comfortable with by putting the label of "illegal aliens" on! If you have not seen this film, and continue to be comfortable using that label, consider exposing yourself to a side of what another "America" has to offer. We will ALL profit from your willingness to open that door! This beautifully composed film has a message for All communities.
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R. Fujita
October 24, 2015
120 Days helped me understand why there are Mexicans who come to the USA and want to stay there even illegally. I learned from this film that those Mexicans are humans who pursue education, opportunities, before they are immigrants. The shots in the film capture the real faces of the Cortes family, which made me realize how close relationship the producer built with the family. I hope 120 Days will be seen by many more people so that they can know what immigrants think about, and this is an issue not only in the US, but also in other countries in the world.
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Michael Zampi
October 13, 2015
A very touching and moving real life experience of families being torn apart with no possible happy outcome. This film captures the hardships and sacrifices that many Mexican families go through in the USA. A very heartfelt portrayal of this family, and extremely well produced and documented film!
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