2020: The Dumpster Fire

2021 • 91 minutes
77 reviews
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The film follows Rod Webber and his satirical campaign for president during the 2020 US Presidential Election. Webber trolls the internet too when he scrawls "Epstein Didn't Kill Himself" on the Duct-Tape-Banana-Wall at Art Basel in Miami in December of 2020. When civil unrest breaks out in the wake of George Floyd's murder, Webber switches into investigative mode, and is one of the first on the scene documenting Minneapolis as it burned, dodging flash-bangs, tear-gas, and live rounds of ammunition. Webber travels to the conflicts in Portland, Seattle and Washington DC for the MAGA rallies, ultimately confronting Mike Pence in Pennsylvania. Throughout the film, Webber represents himself in court against The Trump Campaign and The Manchester NH Police, ultimately winning a combined settlement of $35,000 between the two. The film includes interviews with Noam Chomsky, Jello Biafra, Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Michael Moore, and many of the 2020 candidates.
77 reviews
RachelRamone Donlan
January 11, 2022
"2020: The Dumpster Fire" is a comedy/documentary that should come with a warning that ignorance is bliss but knowledge is power. Anyone who thinks that the next Civil War in America hasn’t already begun will find the broadly hailed film, "2020: The Dumpster Fire," a chilling wake up call. "2020: The Dumpster Fire" presents actual footage from the front lines of America’s emerging war zones that quickly becomes a stark but necessary shock to the system. When we are done watching this documentary, most of us realize that if we are against a fascist government in America, we ARE Antifascist too, much to the chagrin of Fox News and the other Trump propaganda apparatus. So why would the Trump administration try to stop a film from being made and allow the American people to be kept in the dark? There is no shortage of conspiratorial explanations, including the obvious: the lengths government stooges will go to maintain power at all costs to cover up crime and racketeering. Ironically, the authoritarian attempts to block "The 2020 Dumpster Fire" from being made in the end only fueled the filmmakers' passion and even funded the project through lawsuits the producers won against Trump and his stooges. Not even multiple arrests could stop film director Rod Webber and his eclectic group of cinematic warriors, including Vermin Supreme, from their goal of seeking and spreading their truth. On-camera producer Lauren Pespisa and her hilariously imaginative and gutsy street art might qualify her as the bravest woman of our time to stand against those that threaten our democracy, including Q-Anon Cult members and the white supremacist hate group Proud Boys. Adding to our frustration are on-the-street interviews with presidential candidates that demonstrate an inability or refusal to answer questions, revealing the politicians' true character. Guaranteed to outrage you for one reason or another, "2020: The Dumpster Fire" is an opportunity to live vicariously through the trolls that troll the trolls in real life. Along with a great soundtrack, it’s an absolute must-see with a hidden love story cleverly wrapped up into this Indie film.
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Rod Webber
January 9, 2022
Rod Webber is a major douche who couldn’t direct himself out of a paper bag. But Vermin Supreme shines through when he gets the Trumpkins to chant “suck Trump’s c*ck.” Of course, Lauren Pespisa from the Church of Antifa Soros Chaos Magick stole the show when she tore out Donald Trump’s heart evoking advice columnist E. Jean Carroll. See this movie in spite of Rod being an illiterate imbecile.
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January 10, 2022
Rod Webber has always been a veracious seeker of the truth. His desire is to unmask any means of persuasion that is meant to cover up or blindfold the public. He seeks out the true intent of the politician in their rhetoric, be it good or bad. Using his incredible artistic talent he works hard to bring out the flaws in all clever speech that never actually addresses the root of the problems in America today. I have known Rod for many years and have followed his live streams continuously on Fb live. He has put his own life and career on the line to bring to the forefront the injustices towards the oppressed peoples in every aspect and walk of life. His dedication to his work is flawless and he brings us to the frontlines of the struggles putting his own life at risk in order to ensure the true story will be told. This movie is an incredible depiction of his work.
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