2020 • 114 minutes
117 reviews
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In 2067, humanity is forced to live on artificial oxygen and is slowly dying. Ethan Whyte must travel to the future to a cure and save the world.

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117 reviews
Panda Legends
February 22, 2021
I think most people see the bad acting of certain main characters and think the whole movie is bad. The CGI exceeded my expectations and beyond mostly due to it being an aussie movie. At least the few I have seen. I love dystopian based movies anyway. I do wish it was long enough to eliminate all the plot hole though. It would have been more enjoyable and suspenseful to watch. Also movie like these don't have to be funny definitely if you have a creative mind like mine.
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Romans Family
October 7, 2020
The best part was the preview. In hindsight, I now know it started getting worse at the moment I purchased the movie. Storyline was predictable and the overall execution was dull - too many long, drawn out scenes which were very dialog-heavy. The sets were subpar - seen better compositing on basic cable shows. The lead actors were arguably great in portraying their characters but, again, the script was so awkward that it showed when the characters had to interact with each other. It was like watching a mashup of characters from 5 different shows. Lame.
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Roman Forkosh
October 5, 2020
The movie is predictable. The take-away/conclusion is obvious and the scenes are forced to adhere to it, sometime feeling forced. As opposed to great movies, where the experiences/scenes lead you to a conclusion, along with the character. Interesting movie, breaks a lot of logical sense to force the narrative. Overall - enjoyable, but often feels like a DMV line (working towards an expected end), rather than an unknown adventure that leads to a common end.
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