A Better You

2015 • 89 minutes
4 reviews
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About this movie

Meet Dr. Ron: Hypnotherapist. Author. Idiot. A delusional self-help guru in the midst of a midlife crisis, Ron finds that his impending divorce and the prospect of losing custody of his children is interrupting what he considers to be a “career renaissance,” during which he has written a book and started wearing an awful toupee. Forced to reevaluate his life, he may find help in the form of Hugo, a day laborer he meets at the local hardware superstore, and a pretty new patient who may be more than just a client.

Ratings and reviews

4 reviews
Max Mohr
October 11, 2015
Brian Huskey, Matt Walsh and Horatio Sanz are comedy superstars to me, and if they are to you as well this is a must see. A nice character study about a hypnotist who can't figure out the rest of his life, the real magic is in the performances and cameos by some of the funniest people in Hollywood. Great moments from Rob Huebel, Riki Lindhome, Andy Daly, Adam Pally and Natasha Leggero to name a few.