Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

2013 • 90 minutes
567 reviews
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Alan Partridge is now working as a mid-morning DJ at North Norfolk Digital, but his career is flagging. When a big media company take over the station and re-brand it as 'Shape', Alan discovers his job might be under threat and ends up privately convincing the new management to get rid of another DJ instead - Pat Farrell. Denied the chance to say goodbye, Pat returns to the radio station with a plan for vengeance, and starts broadcasting. The only person he trusts and the only person he'll talk to is Alan. When events take a surprising turn, Alan is thrust into the media spotlight - and he starts to realise that this could work out well for him.
567 reviews
Paddy Robinson-Griffin
June 1, 2015
I absolutely admire Steve Coogan's instincts and understanding of comedy. His characters, his shows, his production company output are all beautifully worked. British comedians aren't afraid to play unlovable roles in the name of comedy pathos, and in the hands of a nuanced performer like Coogan you get something special. Some jokes are more 'movie' whilst there's still a lot of the Partridge we all know (although 'love' might be a bit strong...) which keeps it at a classier level than slapstick.
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Chris Wright
March 21, 2014
I ruddy love Alan Partridge and I really enjoyed this film. The script was good and it was well-paced. It was good to see Sidekick Simon but I would love to have seen more of Dave Clifton and Michael, who I was particularly surprised didn't have a big part. Lynne was excellent too, as always. I will definitely watch this again.
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Matthew Hanzo
April 10, 2014
If you are a fan of AP you will enjoy it, if you don't know AP its mainstream enough that you'll enjoy it, I loved the TV shows to bits just pure class, but this being a "movie" follows a more traditional movie path, tried and tested and safe. With it being safe you lose some of the magic that made the TV series so much funnier. This film is a good British comedy with a touch to much Hollywood.
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